09:05 Justice for Hillsborough victims

It was Britain's worst sporting disaster. 96 Liverpool football fans, crushed and suffocated to death in an overcrowded, fenced-in enclosure at the FA Cup semi-final at the Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield in 1989. For 27 years families and friends of the victims have campaigned for accountability. After original verdicts of accidental death were overturned in 2012, and a new inquest was ordered. Overnight - the jury concluded in a 7-2 majority verdict that police failures -  and not fan behavior - contributed to the dangerous situation at the game and led to the deaths. The Hillsborough Justice Campaign includes the bereaved and survivors of Disaster 
who have been fighting for justice for 27 years. The chairman is Kenny Derbyshire who is also a Hillsborough survivor.

09:20 How do we wean ourselves off fossil fuel ?

New Zealand's target is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 30 per cent below our 2005 levels by 2030. However, our gross Green House Gas emissions per capita are well above average for developed countries. While electricity generation is already at 80% renewable, the transport sector is 99% dependent on fossil fuels. So how do we do it ? 

Professor Jim Skea is co-chair of the IPCC Working Group 3 until 2022. He is in New Zealand to launch the findings of the Royal Society of NZ expert panel on Climate change mitigation options. He is also giving two public talks in Wellington at Te Papa tonight, and tomorrow at Auckland Museum. 

09:30 The business case for  medicinal cannabis

A new study by Sydney University's Business School estimates that a medical cannabis industry in Australia could earn the country more than a hundred million dollars a year.

The business school's Michael Katz says medical cannabis will not only help seriously ill people but also provide employment and wealth creation opportunities.

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09:45 Australia correspondent Karen Middleton

10:05 Pulitzer prize winning novelist Jane Smiley

Jane Smiley

Pulitzer prize winning novelist Jane Smiley has been described as the "best living American novelist" and "America's Tolstoy". She's the author of nearly 20 novels, including the best selling, King Lear inspired A Thousand Acres. Jane Smiley's latest book is Golden Age part 3 of the "Last Hundred Years" trilolgy. It's a multi-generational family story that takes place over 100 years and begins in the heart of Iowa. She's coming to Auckland next month for the Auckland Writers' Festival and WORD Christchurch

10:35 Book review - The Trap by Melanie Raabe
Reviewed by: Quentin Johnson,  Published by Text Publishing

10:45 The Reading: Shackleton's Boat Journey by Captain Frank W. Worsley
Read by Peter Elliot (Part 8 of 10)

Note: The audio of the current 10.45am Reading is not available online.

11:05 Marty Duda's artist of the week

Sometimes it helps to have friends in high places. In Jesca Hoop’s instance, that friend is Tom Waits. Hoop was employed as a nanny to Wait’s children and when he heard her demo of Seed Of Wonder he helped bring her to the attention of various radio and record label folks. That was in 2006. Since then Jesca has carved out a career for herself. Her latest album is a collaboration with Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam. The duo wrote 13 songs together and released them just this week as Love Letter For Fire.

Georgia Lala standing beside one of her aquaponics tanks

11:20 Georgia Lala - Aquaponics

18 year old Georgia Lala is a keen gardener but when her family moved to an Auckland apartment above an antique shop she couldn't find the space to grow plants. But after a trip to Disneyland she had an idea - to create a model ecosystem growing plants in fish tanks where the waste from the fish would feed the plants while the plants kept the water clean and supplied with oxygen. Her research into aquaponics won her the Prime Minister's Future Scientist award, and she's now set up a company, Root Aquaponics, which she's considering using to sell her specially designed aquaponics kits to homes and schools

11:45 Science commentator Siouxsie Wiles

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