09:05 Warnings that big uptake of solar panels will increase cost of power for those who don't have them

The Electricity Authority says a massive uptake of solar technology will be bad for other consumers. It wants lines companies to start thinking about changing the way it charges consumers for distributing power from the grid - saying if they don't they will encourage a lot of investment in solar panels - which will be bad for those who don't have them as they'll be picking up more of the cost of maintaining the networks. Carl Hansen is the Authority's chief executive.

09:25 Corporatisation of early childhood education bad for children

UK childhood education Professor Emeritus Helen Penn is warning that early education is being undermined by the increasing market orientation and profit of services

09:30 You've heard of 3D printers ..now comes 3D bar-codes!

The global market in counterfeit goods, is estimated to be worth  $2.6 billion every year and over half of pharmaceuticals sold online are thought to be counterfeit. Engineering company Sofmat, is developing 3D bar-codes, invisible to the naked eye, to help stop this lucrative global market.

The codes consist of a series of small indentations with precise, slightly different depths, allowing for billions of different combinations. With four pins making holes at 36 possible heights, the team can produce 1.7 million codes. Next they want to step up to a six-pin system, with more height variation, which will allow 14 billion variations. The Sofmat team hope to launch their barcodes in November 2016. Phillip Harrison is Sofmat's managing director 

09:45 US correspondent Susan Milligan

Susan Milligan reports on the most recent GOP debate

10:05 From spin doctor Malcolm Tucker, to Dr Who: Scottish actor Peter Capaldi ​

Peter Capaldi, is a lifelong fan of Dr Who and the 12th actor to take on the coveted time-lord role. He has also played a doctor of a very different sort, the political spin doctor Malcolm Tucker in the series, The Thick of It... a character known for his expletive ridden rants, and acidic wit, and Machiavellian machinations.  

Peter Capaldi comes to New Zealand later this month, the first current Doctor to come here.

0:30 Book review: A Few of the Girls by Maeve Binchy

Reviewed by Crystal Beavis, published by Orion

10:45 The Reading: The Book of Hat by Harriet Rowland, told by Issy Stewart

(Part 2 of 5)

11:05 Business commentator Rod Oram

Rod Oram discusses

- The Technology Investment Network 100 report for 2015 on the growth of tech companies
- The departure from NZ of two international investment banks
- NZ-EU trade talks

11:20 Leo Haks and Colleen Dallimore

A look at New Zealand history through postcards which provide a fascinating insight into the roots and evolution of New Zealand culture and reflect the development of our industries and the beauty of our landscapes.
Leo Haks is a lifelong collector of culturally significant items. He and his artist-partner, Colleen Dallimore have a large collection of New Zealand postcards. 500 cards are featured in their new book, Post Marks - The Way We Were, which focuses on early New Zealand postcards from 1897-1922 and the story they tell.

11:45 Media commentator, Gavin Ellis

Gavin Ellis is a media commentator and former editor of the New Zealand Herald. He can be contacted on gavin.ellis@xtra.co.nz

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