Police officers outside the cordon yesterday. A police guard has been at the scene overnight.

Police officers outside the cordon yesterday. A police guard has been at the scene overnight. Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

09:05 10 year old's death a "scar" on the Waitarere Beach community

Horowhenua District Mayor Brendan Duffy says the death of Alex Fisher is a "scar in our community". The 10 year old's body was found yesterday after a mammoth four day search by hundreds of volunteers and emergency service staff. Police removed his body from the beach area last night. They have now launched a homicide investigation. A vigil for Alex will be held on Sunday.The tragedy has hit the three communities of Ohau, Waitarere and Levin.

09:20 Do taxes make you healthier ?

Dr. Frank Chaloupka discusses the efficacy of tax control policies on tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drug use. He is a distinguished professor of economics at the University of Illinois at Chicago and is an internationally respected scientist in the area of tobacco control. He is the director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center on the Economics of Tobacco Control, and also a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research's Health Economics Program and Program on Children. Recently, he along with two other smoking control experts , David Sweanor, and Kennet Warner, called for tobacco taxes to be set proportionately to the harm.

09:30 You got big dreams? You want fame?....​

More than 350 Wellingtonians aged 10-70 have been putting on their dancing shoes and dusting off their lycra eager to star in the  huge public spectacle that's kicking off the New Zealand Festival. Around 350 people turned up to three days of auditions from the 5-7th of October in the hope of taking part in Le Grand Continental®.  

Created by Montreal choreographer Sylvain Émard, the high octane performance has delighted audiences across the world, wowing over 80,000 people from New York to South Korea.

 In its Wellington version, Le Grand Continental® will be a 30-minute show located in the heart of the city, at Civic Square on 26th of February.

09:45 Asia correspondent Lucy Hornby

10:05 Visions of War 

Thermal sight of Abrams tank

Thermal sight of Abrams tank Photo: supplied

In his latest book, 'Light It Up: The Marine Eye for Battle in the War for Iraq ' historian John Pettegrew takes a look at the crucial role visual culture has played in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. 

He examines the effects of 'war porn', and popular images of battle, in video games and on TV, as well as how military technologies of seeing have determined the killing power of the American war effort.

He is co-editor of the three- volume work, Public Women, 'Public Words: A Documentary History of American Feminism'; author and editor of 'A Pragmatist's Progress: Richard Rorty and American Intellectual History'; and author of 'Brutes in Suits: Male Sensibility in America, 1890-1920', an examination of the putatively male instinct of aggressiveness as constructed in modern U.S. social science, law, literature, and sports and military cultures. He is also director of The Veterans Empathy Project, an on-going work in oral history focused on the military experience among U.S. soldiers and marines in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Its purpose is to bridge the gap in the United States today between veterans of foreign wars and civilians who never served in the military

10:30 Book Review: Children's Books

John McIntyre from The Children's Bookshop in Wellington reviews

The Boy at The Top of the Mountain by John Boyne published by Corgi ISBN 978-0-552-57354-2

The Eagle in the Snow by Michael Morpurgo published by Harper Collins ISBN 978-0-00-81346-7

Evie's War by Anna MacKenzie published by Longacre ISBN 978-3-77553-765-6

10:45 The Reading: Speed Of Light by Joy Cowley read by Simon Leary (Part 10 of 10)

11:05 Music review with Grant Smithies

Unafraid to appear hopelessly fashionable, this week Grant Smithies applies his ears to hipster-friendly releases from feted Brooklyn electro-chick Empress Of, New Jersey indie stalwarts Yo La Tengo and perennially septic Manchester punks, The Fall.

Artist: Empress Of
Song: Standard
Comp: Lorely Rodriguez
Album: Me
Label: XL/ The Label
Broadcast Time: 3’39

Artist: Empress Of
Song: How Do You Do It
Comp: Lorely Rodriguez
Album: Me
Label: XL/ The Label
Broadcast Time: 3’45

Two cuts off the debut LP from Brooklyn solo artist Lorely Rodriguez, who previously built an audience by uploading anonymous 60 second song sketches called Colorminutes to YouTube.

Artist: Yo La Tengo
Song: Deeper Into Movies
Comp: Kaplan/ Hubley/ McNew
Album: Stuff Like That There
Label: Matador/The Label
Broadcast Time: 5’10”

A quarter-century on from 1990’s career-definingly splendid covers/ reboots collection Fakebook, these New Jersey indie stalwarts produce a “sequel” covers album, and it’s a ripper.

Artist: The Fall
Song: Snazzy
Comp: Mark E. Smith
Album: Sub-Lingual Tablet
Label: (Cherry Red/ Southbound)
Broadcast Time: 4’45”

In a year marked by many overly polite rock records, it’s comforting to hear Mark E. Smith still spitting out hectoring, bile-drenched invective over a sound as abrasive as iron filings down your Y-fronts. Sub-Lingual Tablet is their 31st studio album in 39 years, and a great appetiser before they play here in NZ next week…

11:30 Sports commentator Brendan Telfer

11:45 The Week That Was with comedians Te Radar and Irene Pink

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