09:05 How is New Zealand gearing up for electric vehicles and other new technology advances?

The Electricity Networks Association and power companies Contact and Mighty River Power are investigating how to set up a "renewables highway" where fast-charging stations are available in towns along State Highway One.

At the same time New Zealand's largest electricity and gas distributor, Auckland's Vector is also setting up charging stations and is also providing solar photovoltaic and Tesla's new home battery systems.

With Simon Mackenzie Vector CEO; and Graeme Peters, the chief executive of the Electricity Networks Association.

Derek McCormack.

Derek McCormack. Photo: Supplied.

09:20 Why New Zealand needs more C students, good all-rounders

Derek McCormack is the Vice-Chancellor of AUT, the Auckland University of Technology. He says students and universities need to be focusing not just on academic results but also on graduates having a range of 'C-skills'. He says employers are increasingly wanting people who are strong in a number of fields, including communication, creativity, curiosity, collaboration, cooperation and caring within a sense of community. Some of Auckland's top employers including banks, law firms, primary industry leaders and local government were canvassed and said grades are only one factor they look for in graduates.

09:30 Huw Llywelyn Davies Welsh Rugby Commentator

09:45 Middle east correspondent, Kate Shuttleworth

10:05 Neuroscientist Mark Lewis on why he thinks addiction is NOT a disease

Neuroscientist, Mark Lewis

Neuroscientist, Mark Lewis Photo: supplied

Professor Marc Lewis is a former drug addict, who recovered and now specialises in addiction. His latest book, The Biology of Desire: Why Addiction is not a Disease, has divided the medical profession, as refutes the medical view of addiction as a brain disease, arguing that it is simply a learned habit that can be broken.

10:30 Book Review: The Many Deaths of Mary Dobie: Murder, Politics and Revenge in Nineteenth Century New Zealand by David Hastings

Reviewed by Paul Diamond, published by Auckland University Press

10:45 The Reading: Speed Of Light by Joy Cowley read by Simon Leary (Part 1 of 10)

With a father more interested in money than family, a brother in prison, a sister with a secret, and a mother in denial, it's no wonder Jeff buries himself in the safe world of mathematics.

11:05 Politics with Mike Williams and Matthew Hooton

11:30 Cooking with Game

Restaurateur Angelo Georgalli's heritage influences his food. He was born to an Italian mother and a Cypriot chef father. His love of fishing and hunting in wilderness parts of Wanaka is reflected in his food.  He is particularly enthusiastic about cooking game, and will run through recipes Greek Rabbit Stifado, Rack of Lamb with Grilled Haloumi and Asparagus and Salmon Burger with Hollandaise, dill and lemon dressing.

His book, The Game Chef is published by Beatnik Publishing
Photographs: Sally Greer

1:45 Off the Beaten Track with outdoorsman and adventurer Kennedy Warne

Waipu caves and Ahuriri badlands