09:05 Mohammed Fahmy on his release from prison in Egypt

09:20 Fonterra chairman, John Wilson

The chairman of Fonterra John Wilson believes the worst is over for the dairy price for now. The company has lifted its payout to farmers, but most farmers will still run at a loss this year. We ask him what is the big picture strategy for the company.

09:30 The fire risk of phone chargers

Fire investigators say 40 to 50 fires a year are caused by phones, laptops and other electronics while being charged. Earlier this year a Wellington house was badly damaged when a charging cellphone caught fire. Acting manager for fire investigation and arson reduction, Peter Gallagher says batteries are getting smaller and more powerful and this can pose a risk.

09:45 China correspondent Charlotte Glennie

China's Barack Obama impersonator

China's Barack Obama impersonator Photo: BBC

Charlotte Glennie discusses the historic visit of China's president to the US, how Indonesian forest fires are causing a haze across parts of Asia, and China's Barack Obama impersonator.

10:05 The many faces of Native American identity

Fed up with the prevalence of outdated stereotypes of Native Americans, photographer and social historian, Matika Wilbur Instagram: @matikawilbur is on a mission to photograph every tribe in the US. Three years ago she quit her job as a high school teacher and set out on the open road to collect photographic stories for Project 562 , so named for the number of federally recognized tribes at the time she began her work. Matika Wilbur is from the Swinomish and Tulalip tribes in Washington. The 2010 U.S. census shows approximately 5.2 million Native Americans live in the United States; but despite their cultural, economic, and political progression many misleading and stereotypical images still prevail.

10:30 Book Review: Children's Books

John McIntyre from The Children's Bookshop in Wellington reviews

John Joe's Tune by Tania Atkinson illustrated by Christine Ross Duck Creek Press isbn 978-1-927305-06-5

Quaky Cat Helps Out by Diana Noonan illustrated by Gavin Bishop Scholastic isbn 978-1-77543-297-5

We're Going on A Moa Hunt by Patrick McDonald Puffin isbn 978-0-14-350638-6

10:45 The Reading: Unforced Entry a short story by Tim Wilson, told by Kathleen Burns.

Revenge is sweet for a dumped girlfriend.

11:05 New Music with Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor luxuriates in the collected works of Flying Nun faves The Jean Paul Sartre Experience, has a new favourite band in Glass Vaults fine debut, and has all his Christmases' come at once as Ryan Adams covers Taylor Swift's '1989' in its entirety"

Artist: Jean Paul Sartre Experience

Song: Flex, Track 13, disc 1

Comp: JPSE

Album: I Like Rain

Label: Fire Records

Broadcast Time: 3'02"

Song: Into You, Track 2, disc 3

Comp: JPSE

Album: I Like Rain

Label: Fire Records

Broadcast Time: 3'50"


Artist: Glass Vaults

Song: Sacred Heart, Track 6

Comp: Glass Vaults

Album: Sojourn

Label: Glass Vaults

Broadcast Time: 4'56"


Artist: Ryan Adams

Song: Clean, Track 13

Comp: Taylor Swift/ Imogen Heap

Album: 1989

Label: Pax Am

Broadcast Time: 4'24"

11:30 Sports commentator Brendan Telfer

11:45 The Week that Was with Te Radar and Gemma Gracewood


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