09:05 Prominent Australian barrister analyses terror law changes

The government says New Zealand's terror laws will be amended to align with allies such as Australia, where recent counter terrorism laws have been described as draconian and unconstitutional. Australian lawyers and civil libertarians say the laws there have gone too far and will severely restrict peoples rights and freedoms. New Zealand's Prime Minister, John Key has announced a four-week review of our security laws, which he says is likely to recommend urgent changes before the end of the year. And the Minister in charge of the SIS and GCSB, Chris Finlayson, says there are clear gaps in security law which makes it difficult to prove somebody is a foreign fighter. Greg Barns is a criminal barrister and spokesman for the Australian Lawyers Alliance. He has acted for an an accused client in a terrorism trial in the Supreme Court of Victoria. Mr. Barns says many aspects of the new Australian laws are unconstitutational and a major a major shift in the power of the executive, removing the only real check on it - the judiciary.

09:25 Learning financial literacy in the workplace

The Financial Literacy and Retirement Commission say employers should be concerned with their employees' financial health - since staff who are worried about money tend to be more stressed and less productive. The Comission has rolled out a pilot programme, in which employees who choose to participate, take part in a 10-week financial literacy course - covering topics such as Kiwisaver, home ownership, wills, and the household budget, the course is held after work hours, but paid for by the employer. The course has been run at The Warehouse's distribution centre in Wiri, and now at its Wainuiomata store. Liz Koh, director of the financial planning company Moneymax and the course's teacher, explains the programme, and Kathryn is also joined by two participants: Daniel McFelin, the store's duty manager, and Susan Delaney, a team member.

09:45 US correspondent Jack Hitt

Jack Hitt discusses the latest ebola case in the US, and new concerns about police powers in the US, particularly regarding civil forfiture, following an investigation by comedian Jon Oliver.

Charlie Adlard10:05 Principal artist of The Walking Dead comics, Charlie Adlard

Charlie Adlard is a British comic book artist and penciller, known for his work on the long-running Image Comics series The Walking Dead. A post-apocalyptic horror story of humans fighting zombies, the comic has achieved phenomenal success with an array of spin-offs: an award-winning TV series, computer games, merchandise. Charlie, who's based in Shropshire in the UK, started off his professional career illustrating a story for the Judge Dredd magazine. His big break came on the X-Files comics, which were based on the TV series, but it was The Walking Dead that catapulted him into celebrity comic artist status. As well, he's worked on Marvel and DC Comics projects and the Savage series, and has illustrated a graphic novel by Doris Lessing and a graphic novel with Robbie Morrison, White Death, which tells a true story from WWI.

Gallery: Charlie Adlard artwork

10:25 Book review: 'Borderline' by Liza Marklund   

Reviewed by Gail Pittaway, Published by Bantam Press

10:45 The Reading: 'Zhu Mao' by Mark Sweet

Scott returns to Hubei Province with his wife’s ashes. There he confronts the memories of the terrible events that brought them together. (2 of 10, RNZ)

11:05 Business commentator Rod Oram

The Greenpeace viral video on Lego and Shell.

11:30 Northland's Trish Muldrock, world power lifting champion
Trish Muldrock is from the Northland town of Kaikohe and she has recently returned home from the World Powerlifting Champs in the Czech Republic with four gold medals and the overall trophy for the Masters division for competitors 60 years and over.

11:45 Media commentator Gavin Ellis

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