14 Oct 2014

Charlie Adlard - Principal artist of The Walking Dead comics

From Nine To Noon, 10:10 am on 14 October 2014

Charlie AdlardCharlie Adlard is a British comic book artist and penciller, known for his work on the long-running Image Comics series The Walking Dead. A post-apocalyptic horror story of humans fighting zombies, the comic has achieved phenomenal success with an array of spin-offs: an award-winning TV series, computer games, merchandise.

Charlie, who's based in Shropshire in the UK, started off his professional career illustrating a story for the Judge Dredd magazine. His big break came on the X-Files comics, which were based on the TV series, but it was The Walking Dead that catapulted him into celebrity comic artist status.

As well, he's worked on Marvel and DC Comics projects and the Savage series, and has illustrated a graphic novel by Doris Lessing and a graphic novel with Robbie Morrison, White Death, which tells a true story from WW1.

Gallery: Charlie Adlard artwork

Charlie Adlard talks with Kathryn Ryan.