7:12 Transport: A View from the Next Generation

Dr Christina Ergler from Otago University’s Geography Department has been doing some research into transport.  However, this research is a little different to normal transport studies - they asked Dunedin pre-schoolers to describe how they see cities and transport.

Dr Christina Ergler

Dr Christina Ergler Photo: University of Otago

7:30  At The Movies

Dan Slevin is filling in for Simon Morris – and because of the lockdown devoting his attention to home entertainment – and he reviews The Truth, Catherine Deneuve and Juliette Binoche star in the Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda’s first film in Europe. Spaceship Earth, a new DocPlay documentary about the Biosphere 2 project in the Arizona desert which lasted for two years from 1991, and Becoming, a Netflix documentary which follows former first lady Michelle Obama on her book tour in 2018.

8:10 The Hump

The Hump is our Wednesday night Quiz Night where we take a dive into the archives of Nga Taonga Sound and Vision for some audio gems and we want to see if you can identify them.

8:15 Dateline Pacific

No caption

Photo: RNZ

RNZ Pacific have temporarily suspended Dateline Pacific in it regular format so that they can concentrate their efforts on broadcasting to the Pacific. In the meantime, each weeknight we'll chat to one of their reporters for a daily update.  Tonight Bryan Crump talks to Koroi Hawkins.

8:30 Window on the World

The BBC’s Food Chain programme asks “What next for restaurants?”

What will it mean to be a restaurant after coronavirus?

A closed restaurant In Paris.

A closed restaurant In Paris. Photo: Photo by Christophe ARCHAMBAULT / AFP

9:07 Spitfire: The People's Plane

Tonight, we start a new ten-part documentary that comes to us from the BBC World Service.

A mk1 Spitfire in flight.

A mk1 Spitfire in flight. Photo: Wikicommons

Before a plane could save a country, the people had to build it.

Spitfire: The People's Plane is the story of a beautiful and deadly icon of resistance, built and flown against extraordinary odds. 

9:30 Can Comedy Survive Corona?

Comedians have generously helped to keep our spirits up during the last few weeks of enforced lockdown.

But now it’s crunch time – we're on the cusp of going into Pandemic Alert Level 2, but it’s still going to be a time of restrictions for live venues. 

Scott Blanks

Scott Blanks Photo: Scott Blanks

Tonight we’re talking to New Zealand’s champion of stand up comedy, Scott Blanks from Auckland’s Classic comedy venue and to comedian Mel Bracewell, who caught the eye of international media for her online impersonation of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.  

Comedian Mel Bracewell

Comedian Mel Bracewell Photo: ©johnmcrae

10:17 After 10

  • Looking for an Economic Reset

Shay Lawrence is a businesswoman from Raglan who today will hand over an open letter to the government representing hundreds of businesses and consumers who believe now is the time for a complete economic reset to a sustainable economy, which can be funded by smart budget decisions.

  • 10:35 Midweek Mediawatch with Hayden Donnell

RNZ Mediawatch's Hayden Donnell takes a midweek look at the top media stories.

Hayden Donnell

Hayden Donnell Photo: Hayden Donnell

  • Restaurants Getting Ready to Open Their Doors again.

Jane Dixon from the Mussel Inn in Golden Bay is getting ready to re-open the restaurant tomorrow – she joins us to tell us how it’s going.

The Mussel Inn. Photo courtesy of The Mussel Inn.

The Mussel Inn. Photo courtesy of The Mussel Inn. Photo: The Mussel Inn. Photo courtesy of The Mussel Inn.

11:07 Inside Out

On Inside Out, Nick Tipping checks out a solo piano album from Rotorua's Ben Wilcock called Goodnight TV, and another new release featuring NZ jazz from the Rodger Fox Big Band. 

No caption

Photo: Rodger Fox Big Band