7:12 Jean-Michel Basquiat 

Phoebe Hoban is on the show to talk Jean-Michel who died at the age of 27. He was thrown into the turbulent New York art scene and has become immortalized through his death and the artwork he created. Phoebe Hoban wrote about the troubled artist's life, and mind. 

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Photo: Lee Jaffe

7:30  At The Movies

On At The Movies, Simon Morris reviews Norman, starring an unlikely Richard Gere is a New York fixer, and The Hippopotamus, based on a Stephen Fry novel.   And The Passion of Augustine reminds us of the endless fascination of movie nuns.   

8:12 Nights' Overseas - Brazil 

Editor of the International section of Estado de Minas, the main daily newspaper of Minas Gerais, Pablo Pires Fernandes reports from the Federative Republic of Brazil, pop. 201,032,714 (est. 2013)... 

8:30 Window on the World

In a two part documentary Thabiso Mohare ( Tow-bees-oh Mow-har-ree) tells the story of Soweto through its music… The unique neighbourhood of Sophiatown in Johannesburg, a mixed area with a vibrant jazz scene was razed during the Apartheid era to make way for white housing. But the music and what it represented, survived through clubs and jazz appreciation societies.

9:07 The Drama Hour

Our Wednesday Drama this week continues the story of the Mamluk Sultanate of Tumanbay, there is a sense of impending danger. The fearsome armies of Queen Maya are on the march, and her spies are believed to be everywhere in the walled city. There is constant suspicion in the city and the court. And Gregor, the man charged with security is using every resource he can think of, and every trick.

10:17 Late Edition

A round up of today's RNZ News and feature interviews as well as Dateline Pacific from RNZ International,

11:07 Inside Out

Nick Tipping hosts a journey through the jazz spectrum playing favourites, standards and new releases along the way.