7:07 Sonic Tonic

Music with magic and mischief spun into an surreal sensation of mayhem and maybe magnificence.

Giant Weta at Kiwiburn 2017

Hippathy Valentine shooting flames out of The Giant Weta's antennae at Kiwiburn 2017: The Robots are Coming... Photo: Peter Jennings

8:12 Kiwiburn

Kiwiburn is New Zealand's Regional Burning Man festival, currently taking place in Hunterville. We talk to Hippathy Valentine, long-time "burner" and project leader for The Giant Weta

8:30 Spotlight 

Accomplished Dunedin songwriter Nadia Reid performs a mix of old and new songs at Galatos in Auckland as part of last year's Other Way Festival.

9:07 Country Life 

Tonight the Country Life team visits a hospital currently caring for a Kereru, two great black-backed gulls, a Kea, a Pukeko and three Little Owls, and meets one on New Zealand’s few alpaca shearers.

10:17 Late Edition

A roundup of today's RNZ News and feature interviews as well as Date Line Pacific from RNZ International.

11:07 The Mixtape

For the latest series of the Mixtape, RNZ Music invites guests to compile a C60 of local sounds, and talk us through their selections. As Disasteradio, Luke Rowell creates synth-pop to make even the most staunch shoe-gazer dance, while as vapourwave act Eyeliner he harks back to the heyday of shoulder pads and capitalism.

Music played in this show

Sonic Tonic - Rebirth

Artist:         Nina Simone
Song:         Feeling Good    

Artist:         Alice In Chains
Song:         Get Born Again

Artist:         Mel and Tim     
Song:         Starting All Over Again    

Artist:         Björk
Song:         Cosmogony    

Artist:         Beastie Boys    
Song:         Bodhisattva Vow    

Artist:         The Beatles    
Song:         Blackbird    
Artist:         Ibeyi
Song:         River

Artist:         Nat King Cole
Song:         Pick Yourself Up    

Artist:         Nico
Song:         The Fairest of the Seasons

Artist:         Suede
Song:         The Next Life

Artist:         Van Morrison
Song:         Astral Weeks