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Monday rundown...

For the past couple of years, Daniel has lived in a patch of bush next to the motorway in central Auckland. He occasionally goes begging to supplement his benefit. He invited Bryan around for a yarn about his life, why he's homeless, whether more people are asking for money in the streets, and how he passes the time in his tent at night. 

7:30pm The rise of begging  

Why do people ask strangers for money? Sonia Sly investigates.

7:45pm The begging sign 

Daniel Davidson explains his approach to Justin Gregory. Where to look, what to say, where to hang out, and how some of the others doing the same are coping.

8:12pm Windows on the World (international public radio documentaries) - The Infinite Monkey Cage USA Tour pt 3 of 4 (Chicago)

8:43pm NIGHTS Scientists
roster: Alan Gilmore (Astronomy); Leo Schep (Toxicology); Bec Stanley (Botany); Mark Apperley (Computer Science); Don Otter (Food Technology); Erick Brenstrum (World Weather); Jean Fleming (Body Parts); Pierre Roudier (Soil Science); Shaun Hendy (Physics); & Stella McQueen (Native Fish Ecology)

Professor Emerita in Science Communication at the University of Otago Jean Fleming, on (quirky) human anatomy... ears and how cochlear implants allow those who aren't able to, to hear...

8:59pm NIGHTS conundrum clue 1

the road to becoming a successful self-published author of dark fantasy and paranormal romance, with Steff Green, her latest book is the Witch Hunter and she also has a book coming out at the end of October, the second book in the Engine Ward series, The Gauge War...

a successful self-published author of dark fantasy and paranormal romance

A New Era of Author Photo: written permission

9:30pm Insight (in-depth analysis from RNZ News) - New Zealand's Mission To Iraq

9:59pm NIGHTS conundrum clue 2

10:17pm Late Edition (a round up of today's Radio New Zealand news and feature interviews as well as Date Line Pacific from RNZ International)

11:07pm Eleventh Hour Music [Americana] - Beale St Caravan 684

... nights' time is the right time...