5 Jun 2018

Neil and Liam Finn release single and announce new album

From RNZ Music, 10:00 am on 5 June 2018

After touring together in January the father and son duo have today released single 'Back to Life' and announced they'll be releasing their first album together – Lightsleeper, in August.

The album is a family affair from the very start: the opening track 'Island Of Peace' was written by Neil as a gift to Liam on his wedding day.

Lightsleeper was recorded in Neil's Auckland studio with the Finns' friends and family: Sharon Finn – Neil's wife and Liam's mother, plays bass on two of the songs; Elroy Finn – Liam's brother, plays drums on seven; and good friend Connan Mockasin joins them for four of the tracks.

Mick Fleetwood plays on three of the tracks: 'Anger Plays A Part', 'Any Other Way' and 'We Know What It Means'.

Greek friends Elias Dendias and Spiros Anemogianis play bouzouki and accordion on the first single 'Back To Life'.

Lightsleeper by Neil & Liam Finn – full tracklisting:

1. Island of Peace
2. Meet Me In The Air
3. Where's My Room
4. Anger Plays A Part
5. Listen
6. Any Other Way
7. Back To Life
8. Hiding Place
9. Ghosts
10. We Know What It Means
11. Hold Her Close 

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