13 Nov 2017

RNZ listeners try (and fail) to name Neil and Liam Finn's new band

From RNZ Music, 6:24 pm on 13 November 2017
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Father-son duo Neil and Liam Finn need a band name ahead of their NZ tour. Fortunately, RNZ fans were keen to help, bombarding us with hundreds of suggestions. Unfortunately, most of them are terrible. But – bonus! – lots of them are hilarious.

They range from Finn puns (despite the fact Liam specifically said “no Finn puns”) to jokes about the pair’s haircuts, to Crowded House references, to the plain absurd (The Noisy Carpets?!)

We’ve helpfully put the suggestions into categories, so you can digest all of the hilarity in an easy and straightforward fashion.

Neil and Liam Finn and their unruly hair

Neil and Liam Finn and their unruly hair Photo: Supplied

Names that make fun of their hair:

  • Bad Hair Day
  • Hair
  • Lovely Haircuts
  • Haircut Needing
  • The Hirsutes
  • The Absent Haircuts
  • The Bad Hairs
  • Where’s My Barber?
  • Bad Hair Day
  • Feral Note
  • Royal Hairdressers
  • Neanderthals Rise Again
  • The Neanderthals
Crowded House in the 90s

Crowded House in the 90s Photo: Supplied.

Names that reference Crowded House:

  • Quite Spacious House
  • Roomy Bungalow
  • Empty House
  • A Slightly Less Crowded House
  • Crowded House 2: The Phantom Menace
  • Some Finns So Strong (also appears in the ‘awful Finn pun’ category)

Names that reference the fact they’re related:

Daddy Day Care: bad movie, even worse band name

Daddy Day Care: bad movie, even worse band name Photo: Screen capture

  • Dad's Loins
  • Inter-generational Boyfriends
  • Daddy Day Care
  • Genetically Unmodified
  • Like Father Like Son
  • Top n Tail
  • Blue Genes

Kiwiana-based names:

  • Small Town Heroes
  • Long way from T.A
  • Liam&Papa (L&P)
  • Hokey Pokey Town

Names that are downright hilarious:

True Bliss is already taken

True Bliss is already taken Photo: Supplied

  • True Bliss
  • Bandy McBandface
  • Finny McFinnface
  • Poo Poo Music Train
  • The Elroy Finn Experience

Absurdist names:

  • The Man Nappies
  • Double Jesus
  • Milk the Teat
  • The Bony Spines
  • The Pugilists
  • The Noisy Carpets
  • Feelings
  • Grunthos

Awful Finn puns (we actually had to whittle these down – you can see the full list of awfulness here):

'Dolfinns' was a popular choice

'Dolfinns' was a popular choice Photo: Photo NZ

  • Let's Get F'ed Up
  • Seven Deadly Finns
  • Dolfinns (Four people actually suggested this)
  • To Infinnity And Beyond
  • Finnger Lickin’ Good
  • Finntastic
  • Flipper
  • Eldorado (Because it had two huge fins)
  • The Finnal Countdown
  • Endorfinns
  • The Funs
  • Finnesse
  • Phinnomenal
  • Finnstrumental
  • Twin Finn
  • Finn Mail
  • Finnish Lines
  • The Dorsal
  • Shark Finns