Andrew Tolley

Andrew Tolley Photo: Fight, Cave Or Hole Records

Music played in this show


Artist: Power Nap
Song: Forever, Man
Composer: C. Cudby
Album: Power Nap Mixtape
Label: Power Nap

Louie Knuxx Transformed

Artist: Louie Knuxx
Song: Cold and Dead Heart Stealing, Jump Off, Bad Bad Bastards, YARP, Bare Skin
Composer: T.Williams
Album: Tiny Warm Hearts
Label: Private

Artist: Spycc
Song: Ain't A Phase ft. David Dallas
Composer: Spycc
Label: SWIDT

The Sampler: Views by Drake

Artist: Drake
Song: Feel No Ways, Fire & Desire, Hotline Bling, Keep The Family Close, 9, Redemption, Hype, Views.
Composers: Graham,Shebib,Cobey, William Norwood, Michael Peter Olsen, LaShawn Daniels, Freddie Jerkins, Rodney Jerkins, Timmy Thomas, Aion "Voyce" Clarke, 
Album: Views
Label: OVO

Artist: Chelsea Jade
Song: Colour Sum
Composer: C. Metcalf
Album: Colour Sum single
Label: Chelsea Jade

Artist: Mongo Skato
Song: Perc
Composer:Mongo Skato
Album: MA.C001
Label: Margins

Artist: Elan Vital
Song: Albtraum
Composer: Elan Vital
Album: Albtraum
Label: Elan Vital

Artist: Pikelet
Song: The Neighbours Grass
Composer: E. Morris
Album: Tronc
Label: Private

Artist: Jordan Rakei
Song: Talk To Me
Composer: Rakei
Albim: Single
Label: Private


Josh Rosenthal

Artist: Peter Walker
Song: City Pulse
Composer: Peter Walker
Album: Long Lost Tapes 1970
Label: Tompkins Square

Artist: Karen Dalton
Song: Katie Cruel
Composer: Trad./Karen Dalton
Album: In My Own Time
Label: Light in the Attic

Artist: Alice Gerrard
Song: Follow The Music
Composer: Alice Gerrard
Album: Follow the Music
Label: Tompkins Square

Artist: Robert Johnson
Song: Love In Vain
Composer: Robert Johnson
Album: Robert Johnson - King Of The Delta Blues
Label: Columbia Records

Artist: Ryley Walker
Song: Twin Oaks Pt 1
Composer: Ryley Walker
Album: All Kinds of You
Label: Tompkins Square

Artist: Brigid Mae Power
Song: Is It My Low Or Yours
Composer: Brigid Mae Power
Album: Brigid Mae Power
Label: Tompkins Square

Artist: Michael Hurley
Song: Werewolf
Composer: Michael Hurley
Album: Armchair Boogie
Label: Warner Music. Rhino Ent Corp

Artist: John Fahey
Song: A Raga Called Pat
Composer: John Fahey
Album: Days Have Gone By, Vol. 6
Label: Takoma Records

Artist: Robbie Basho
Song: Khatum (Instrumental)
Composer: Robbie Basho
Album: Bashovia
Label: Fantasy Inc.

Artist: Brad Barr
Song: Do I Have To Understand This ?
Composer: Brad Barr
Album: The Fall Apartment : Instrumental Guitar
Label: Tompkins Square

Artist: Lou Johnson
Song: The Beat
Composer: Lou Johnson
Album: Crazy About You
Label: Maestro Entertainment Corp

Artist: Michael Chapmen
Song: Stockport Monday (For Tom Rush)
Composer: Michael Chapman
Album: Fish
Label: Tompkins Square

Artist: Perfume Genius
Song: To Lay Me Down
Composer: Garcia, Hunter
Album: Day of The Dead
Label: 4 AD

Artist: Julia Jacklin
Song: Pool Party
Composer: Jacklin
Album: Single 
Label: Private

Introducing: Tom Cunliffe

Artist: Tom Cunliffe
Song: There's Your Lord 
Composer: Cunliffe
Album: Howl And Whisper
Label: Lyttelton Records

Artist: Cat Power
Song: Manhattan
Composer: Marshall
Album: Sun
Label: Matador

Artist: Isao Tomita
Song: Snowflakes are Dancing
Composer: Debussy
Album: Snowflakes are Dancing
Label: RCA

The Sampler: Parquet Courts 
Artist: Parquet Courts
Songs: Dust, Human Performance, Captive Of The Sun, One Man No City, Two Dead Cops, Outside.
Composer: Parquet Courts
Album: Human Performance
Label: Rough Trade

Artist: Hex
Song: Prayer
Composer: Hex
Album: Calling To The Universe
Label: Hex


The Mixtape - Andrew Tolley

Artist: Satina Saturnia
Song: Scorpio Rising
Composer: Satina Saturnia
Album: Clitprous Goddess
Label: Kato Records

Artist: Poultice
Song: Lust Will Wet It
Composer: Poultice
Album: Three Beefmeisters And A French Movie
Label: Poultice

Artist: Michael J Hex
Song: Then You’re Gone
Composer: Michael J Hex
Album: Are You Hexperienced
Label: Noseflute Records

Artist: Ed Gains
Song: When I Fall From The Sky
Composer: E. Gains
Album: Edweird - An Edward Gains Anthology
Label: Powertool Records

Artist: Shit All To Hell
Song: Human Killing Machine

Artist: The Renderers
Song: Low To The Ground
Composer: The Renderers
Album: A Dream Of The Sea
Label: Stiltbreeze

Artist: Golden Axe
Song: Tree Huts
Composer: Golden Axe
Album: Party Alarm Bells LP
Label: Golden Axe

Artist: Orchestra Of Spheres
Song: The Devine Horses
Composer: D Beban, H Thomas, E Grant, R Gooch
Album: Brothers and Sisters of The Black Lagoon
Label: Fire Records