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Music played in this show


Artist: Kaytranada 
Song: Weight Off
Composer: Celestin
Album: 99.9% 
Label: XL

The Sampler Summit: Beyoncé : Lemonade

Artist: Beyoncé
Song: Hold Up
Song: Don’t Hurt Yourself
Composer: White/Knowles/Gordon/Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham
Song: Sorry
Composer: Tesfaye/Knowles/Schofield/Diehl/Nash/Balshe/Asher/Portner/Lennox/weitz/Bacharach/
Song: Love Drought
Composer: Dean/Burley/Knowles
Song: Sandcastles
Composer: Berry/Knowles/Yusef/Mathers
Song: Freedom
Composer: Coffer/Knowles/Williams/McIntosh/Duckworth/Tirado/Lomax/Lomax Sr.
Song: Formation
Composer: Brown/Frost/Hogan/Williams/Knowles
Album: Lemonade
Label: Parkwood/Columbia

Artist: Ria Hall  
Song: He Tangi Apakura/It’s Alright
Composer: Hall 
Album: Ria Hall EP 
Label: Ria Hall

Artist: Flume
Song: Never Be Like You
Album: Skin
Label: Transgressive

Artist: James Blake
Song: Points
Composer: Blake
Album: The Colour In Anything
Label: XL

Interview: Yumi Zouma 

Artist: Yumi Zouma
Songs: Hajji Awali, Remember You at All, Yesterday
Composer: Yumi Zouma
Album: Yoncalla
Label: Cascine

Artist: Air
Song: Dirty Trip (Live in L.A.)
Composer: Air
Album: The Virgin Suicides
Label: Source


Artist: Radiohead
Song: Burn The Witch
Composer: Radiohead
Album: A Moon Shaped Pool 
Label: XL

Interview: Leila Adu

Artist: Leila Adu
Song: Nefertiti's Waking Dream, Bluebeards And Monsters, Scary Love Monster
Composer: Adu
Album: Scary Love Monster
Label: Belts+Whistles 

Artist: Leila Adu
Song: Maharoro
Composer: Trad. Zimbabwe
Album: n/a
Label: live recording at Leila's house

Artist: Appietus 
Song: Emere
Composer: Dankwah
Album: Tip of the Iceberg
Label: Akwaaba

Artist: Chartwell Dutiro
Song: Maharoro
Composer: Trad. Zimbabwe
Album: Chivaraipze
Label: Chartwell

Artist: Joey B/Sarkodie/DJ Breezy
Song: Tonga
Composer: Bannerman-Martin
Album: Greater Than
Label: Black Avenue Muzik

Introducing: Montell2099

Artist: Montell2099
Song: Space
Composer: M. Pinny
Album: Space single
Label: Montell2099

Artist: Leisure
Song: Nobody ft. GoldLink
Composer: Leisure
Album: Single
Label: Private

Session: Emily Edrosa

Artist: Emily Edrosa
Songs: She Agreed, Melbourne
Composer: E. Littler
Album: RNZ Music Recording 
Label: RNZ Music Recording 

Artist: Emily Edrosa
Songs: Beat My Time 
Composer: The Vietnam War
Album: RNZ Music Recording 
Label: RNZ Music Recording

Artist: Sam Beam + Jesca Hoop
Song: The Lamb You Lost 
Composer: Beam/Hoop
Album: Love Letter For Fire
Label: Sub Pop

Artist: Anohni 
Song: Hopelessness
Composer: Hegarty
Album: Hopelessness
Lable: 4AD


The Mixtape: David Ridler

Artist: DD Smash 
Song: Whaling 
Composer: Dobbyn 
Album: The Optimist 
Label: Mushroom

Artist: Garageland 
Song: Come Back 
Composer: Eade/Garageland
Album: Last Exit To Garageland
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: The Stereo Bus 
Song: Nova Scotia 
Composer: Yetton
Album: Brand New 
Label: EMI

Artist: Scribe
Song: Dreaming
Composer: Luafutu/Wadams
Album: The Crusader
Label: Dirty

Artist: Pacific Heights feat. Joe Dukie 
Song: Peace 
Composer: Abrams/Tamaira 
Album: A Quiet Storm
Label: Truetone 

Artist: Lontalius 
Song: All I Wanna Say 
Composer: Johnson
Album: I’ll Forget 17 
Label: Partisan

Artist: Shapeshifter
Song: One
Composer: Shapeshifter 
Album: Soulstice
Label: Truetone