14 May 2016

The Mixtape: Andrew Tolley

From RNZ Music, 5:00 pm on 14 May 2016
Andrew Tolley

Andrew Tolley Photo: Fight, Cave Or Hole Records

For NZ Music Month, we invite musical guests compile a C60 of local sounds, and talk us through their selections. This week Andrew Tolley, New Zealand Garage Rock legend and former guitarist for acts like Hustler, Jawload and The Hasslehof Experiment.

Music Details

Artist: Satina Saturnia
Song: Scorpio Rising
Composer: Satina Saturnia
Album: Clitorous Goddess
Label: Kato Records

Artist: Poultice
Song: Lust Will Wet It
Composer: Poultice
Album: Three Beefmeisters And A French Movie
Label: Poultice

Artist: Michael J Hex
Song: Then You’re Gone
Composer: Michael J Hex
Album: Are You Hexperienced
Label: Noseflute Records

Artist: Ed Gains
Song: When I Fall From The Sky
Composer: E. Gains
Album: Edweird - An Edward Gains Anthology
Label: Powertool Records

Artist: Shit All To Hell
Song: Human Killing Machine

Artist: The Renderers
Song: Low To The Ground
Composer: The Renderers
Album: A Dream Of The Sea
Label: Stiltbreeze

Artist: Golden Axe
Song: Tree Huts
Composer: Golden Axe
Album: Party Alarm Bell LP
Label: Golden Axe