11 May 2016

Josh Rosenthal of Tompkins Square

From Access All Areas, 2:00 pm on 11 May 2016
The Record Store Of The Mind

The Record Store Of The Mind Photo: supplied

Josh Rosenthal started his career working at CBS Records New York before founding his own record label, Tompkins Square in 2005. As part of the celebration of Tompkins Square’s 10th anniversary, he’s chronicled his musical journey in The Record Store of the Mind, a book about his thirty years dedicated to releasing an eclectic catalogue of American music. Trevor Reekie speaks to Josh Rosenthal.

"I figure if I can sign someone really great every couple of years, and bring them along to a place where they can play in any city in the United States or even in Europe and they can make money, then I've done my job. And that's really my goal, as far as signing new artists."  Josh Rosenthal, Tompkins Square

Josh Rosenthal and his daughter Emma

Josh Rosenthal and his daughter Emma Photo: supplied

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  • Music Details

    Artist: Peter Walker
    Song: City Pulse
    Composer: Peter Walker
    Album: Long Lost Tapes 1970
    Label: Tompkins Square

    Artist: Karen Dalton
    Song: Katie Cruel
    Composer: Trad./Karen Dalton
    Album: In My Own Time
    Label: Light in the Attic

    Artist: Alice Gerrard
    Song: Follow The Music
    Composer: Alice Gerrard
    Album: Follow the Music
    Label: Tompkins Square

    Artist: Robert Johnson
    Song: Love In Vain
    Composer: Robert Johnson
    Album: Robert Johnson - King Of The Delta Blues
    Label: Columbia Records

    Artist: Ryley Walker
    Song: Twin Oaks Pt 1
    Composer: Ryley Walker
    Album: All Kinds of You
    Label: Tompkins Square

    Artist: Brigid Mae Power
    Song: Is It My Low Or Yours
    Composer: Brigid Mae Power
    Album: Brigid Mae Power
    Label: Tompkins Square

    Artist: Michael Hurley
    Song: Werewolf
    Composer: Michael Hurley
    Album: Armchair Boogie
    Label: Warner Music. Rhino Ent Corp

    Artist: John Fahey
    Song: A Raga Called Pat
    Composer: John Fahey
    Album: Days Have Gone By, Vol. 6
    Label: Takoma Records

    Artist: Robbie Basho
    Song: Khatum (Instrumental)
    Composer: Robbie Basho
    Album: Bashovia
    Label: Fantasy Inc.

    Artist: Brad Barr
    Song: Do I Have To Understand This ?
    Composer: Brad Barr
    Album: The Fall Apartment : Instrumental Guitar
    Label: Tompkins Square

    Artist: Lou Johnson
    Song: The Beat
    Composer: Lou Johnson
    Album: Crazy About You
    Label: Maestro Entertainment Corp

    Artist: Michael Chapmen
    Song: Stockport Monday (For Tom Rush)
    Composer: Michael Chapman
    Album: Fish
    Label: Tompkins Square