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10:20 Preliminary results back on referendums 

There have been celebrations and commiserations today - with the initial results of the two referendums released. 

Preliminary results of the referendum on the End of Life Choice Act show 65-point-1-percent of voters in favour of the legislation and 33-point-8-percent opposed.

However, the Cannabis Legislation and Control Bill is unlikely to become law: the vote in that referendum is 46-point-1-percent in favour and 53-point-1 opposed. 

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Photo: RNZ / Samuel Rillstone

10:30 Juliet O'Brien - Wellingtonian in France

Detectives in France, Italy and Tunisia are investigating the movements of a man being held in hospital on suspicion of killing three church-goers in the southern French city of Nice.

France's President Emmanuel Macron has described it as an "Islamist terrorist attack" - saying France will not surrender it's core values after visiting the Notre-Dame Basilica in Nice.

Anti-terror prosecutors have opened an investigation into the attack and France has raised its national security alert to its highest level.

Meanwhile record traffic levels around Paris in the hours before the second national lockdown began in France at midnight - midday New Zealand time.

Juliet O'Brien is a Wellingtonian and long time Parisienne.

French members of the elite tactical police unit RAID enter to search the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Nice as forensics officers wait after a knife attack in Nice on October 29, 2020.

Photo: AFP

10:45 Kiwi Rules with Teremoana Rapley 

Teremoana Rapley of Upper Hutt Posse

Teremoana Rapley of Upper Hutt Posse Photo: Supplied