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Photo: RNZ Andrew Robertson

10:20  SADD calls student speed case a dangerous precedent

Students against Dangerous Driving are calling for better deterents for speeding after a Napier student has won a precedent-setting case. The student, Kingston Webb was clocked going nearly 70 kilometres over the speed limit.  
His lawyer argued his driving wasn't dangerous and didn't warrant losing his licence. And the judge agreed.
Donna Govorko is the national manager of  Students Against Dangerous Driving.

Donna Govorko of SADD

Donna Govorko of SADD Photo: Donna Govorko

10:30 Coronavirus forces cancellation of Ak Arts Fest show

The coronavirus is causing havoc with forestry and tourism, sharemarkets and students wanting to come here and study, but now it's led to the cancellation of a much anticipated show at the Auckland Arts Festival. The Festival has had to cancel the French aerial show Place des Anges because the impact of coronavirus on air freight has made it too expensive to bring the show here. The festival's chief executive, David Inns, explains the decision to Karyn.

Pace Des Anges

Pace Des Anges Photo: Tom Arran

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