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10:20 The ecological destruction of the Hauraki Gulf

Out in the Hauraki Gulf, it's getting harder and harder to find kōura or salt-water crayfish because they've become functionally extinct. That's one of the key findings of a report released today by Auckland Council outlining the ecological destruction to fish and birdlife from commercial fishing and development. One of the report's co-authors, Carina Sim-Smith joins Karyn to discuss what needs to be done.

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10:30 Reel Women - a female perspective on film and TV

In March and April Rialto TV Channel is presenting Reel Women, focusing on female actors and filmmakers ....and the importance of the female perspective to allow and ensure all creative, emotive and inspirational female stories are told. Judy Bailey will present Reel Women for the Rilato channel and she joins Karyn to chat about the new series.

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10:45 The Rest is History: Phil Fuemana 

It's time for The Rest is History and this week we're looking back at a pivotal figure in New Zealand music history who died this week in 2005, Phil Fuemana. 

I'm joined by Audioculture's Renee Jones to explain why Phil Fuemana was such an important voice and presence in Aotearoa's music history. 

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