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Photo: RNZ

10:20   Super Typhoon Hagibis heads towards Japan and forces Rugby World Cup to cancel games

The All Blacks final Rugby World Cup pool match against Italy has been called off due to the arrival of Super Typhoon  Hagibis in Japan on Saturday.

Equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane, packing winds of up to 305kmh, and boasting a 55 kilometre wide eye, citizen safety is a major concern.

RNZ's Joe Porter gives Karyn an update from Tokyo about the changing rugby schedule and the approaching mega-weather.

Super Typhoon Hagibis expected path

Photo: Google Maps

10:30 How NZ's SIS came to apology to journalist Nicky Hager 

The NZ Security Intelligence Service has apologised to investigative journalist Nicky Hager for unlawfully acquiring months of call logs for his phone.

It comes after the Defence Force asked the Security Intelligence Service to help its investigation into claims made in Hagar's 2011 book "Other People's Wars" about New Zealand's military and intelligence activity in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was the first time the likelihood of civilian casualties during Operation Burnham was raised in public.

In a decision released this afternoon, the Acting Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security says the SIS unlawfully got months of Hager's phone records, as well as those of a Defence Force officer

Nicky Hager's lawyer Felix Geiringer talks with Karyn about how the apology came about.

Barrister Felix Geiringer

Barrister Felix Geiringer Photo: RNZ / Phil Pennington


10:45 The Rest Is History: Monty Python at 50 

It's time for the rest is history when we look into the week's news in the past. This week we're going to be a tiny bit sacrilegious.

Our resident historian Robert Kelly is looking back to the first screening of Monty Python and the impact British comedy had here in New Zealand. 

Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin, John Cleese, Eric Idle and Graham Chapman are Monty Python

Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin, John Cleese, Eric Idle and Graham Chapman are Monty Python Photo: Wikicommons