10 Oct 2019

SIS apologises to Nicky Hager for unlawfully actions

From Lately, 10:27 pm on 10 October 2019

The NZ Security Intelligence Service has apologised to investigative journalist Nicky Hager for unlawfully acquiring months of call logs for his phone.

It comes after the Defence Force asked the Security Intelligence Service to help its investigation into claims made in Hagar's 2011 book "Other People's Wars" about New Zealand's military and intelligence activity in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was the first time the likelihood of civilian casualties during Operation Burnham was raised in public.

In a decision released this afternoon, the Acting Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security says the SIS unlawfully got months of Hager's phone records, as well as those of a Defence Force officer

Nicky Hager's lawyer Felix Geiringer talks with Karyn about how the apology came about.

Barrister Felix Geiringer

Barrister Felix Geiringer Photo: RNZ / Phil Pennington