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Remembering Mary Tyler Moore actor Ed Asner

25 Oct 2021

At the end of August, a true veteran of the entertainment industry died at the ripe old age of 91 - actor Ed Asner. Ed Asner appeared in movies and TV shows from the mid 1950s onwards - but became a household name in the smash hit 1970s sitcom the Mary Tyler Moore show -- playing Lou Grant - a gruff newsman with his… Audio

Monday 25 October 2021

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8.11 Huge sport defeats in Dubai and Manchester 

A couple of stunning results in Dubai and in Manchester.  

Pakistan has blown away India in the T20 World cup, winning by 10 wickets, while Liverpool humiliated Manchester United in the English Premier League - 5-0. 

Sports reporter Barry Guy joins Colin Peacock to discuss. 

Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United.


8:20 Nicola Legat on Covid-19's effect on publishing 

The lockdown in August and the lockdown dragging on in Auckland has seen people turn to books for an escape 

This despite bookshops unable to sell books during level 4, and only post them to online buyers in level 3. 

Nicola Legat is the publisher at Massey University Press, and she says it's not right that during level 4, books weren't considered essential items unless they were 'educational' 

She joins Colin to talk about the effect of Covid-19 on book stores and the industry generally. 

pile of books

Photo: Auckland Libraries

8:50 Settling the Score 

Settling the Score is RNZ Concert's annual countdown of New Zealand's favourite classical music. Listeners have voted online for their favourite piece of classical music and Concert will spend Labour Day Monday counting down to the top Number One position.

9:06 Remembering Mary Tyler Moore actor Ed Asner 

At the end of August, a true veteran of the entertainment industry died at the ripe old age of 91 - actor Ed Asner. 

Ed Asner appeared in movies and TV shows from the mid 1950s onwards  - but became a household name in the smash hit 1970s sitcom the Mary Tyler Moore show -- playing Lou Grant - a gruff newsman with his heart in the right place. 

But Ed Asner was much more than just an actor: 

He was president of the actor's union   - the SAG  - in the 1980s  - when he clashed with President Ronald Reagan over US involvement in Central America - and with conservative actor Charlton Heston  - also a SAG president and later leader of gun lobby group the NRA. 

Ed Asner also supported a range of charities - among them the Los Angeles Lawyers Philharmonic run by attorney Gary S. Greene -- and his daughter Debra Marisa Kaiser - Executive Director  of the philharmonic also a journalist and broadcaster. They both join Colin to remember Ed Asner. 

Gary Greene, Debra Marisa Kaiser, and Ed Asner.

Gary Greene, Debra Marisa Kaiser, and Ed Asner. Photo: Supplied

9:40 Hone Tuwhare's legacy in crib residency 

More than a decade after commiting to make poet Hone Tuwhare's final home a creative residence - his whānau is almost finished restoring and refurbishing the property. 

In 1992 poet Hone Tuwhare bought the little crib down at Kaka Point, in the Catlins. 

From there, overlooking the sea - the award-winning writer continued to script poems, publishing his four last collections. 

After Hone passed away in 2008 his whānau decided to buy and restore the Kaka Point property. 

Now plans are afoot to open the crib up for creative pursuits this time next year - close to the date of what would've been Hone Tuwhare's 100th birthday. 

It will be the first such creative residence created in the home of a Māori writer. 

Hone Tuwhare's son Rob Tuwhare joins Colin to discuss. 

Hone Tuwhare

Hone Tuwhare Photo: Hone Tuwhare Charitable Trust

9:50 How to dispose of an old phone 

Planned obsolesence isn't a new concept - most of us probably get a new phone every year or two, without necessarily thinking about the impact on the environment, or how we might've prolonged the object's life.

Joe Canham is a video editor who has his own company, Champion Film, and knows a thing or two about tech. 

He's created a web page where you can see all the places electronic waste can be taken. 

He speaks to Colin Peacock about planned obsolescence, and what to do if during your spring clean, you find old, unused technology. 

woman on mobile phone

Photo: freestocks / Unsplash

10:04 Coping with lockdown by taking to the air 

Living in Auckland in Level 3 for so long has been taxing  - and continues to be. 

No wonder some people have been venting their frustrations on social media - even though doing so probably doesn't do much for the mood of their followers. 

But some are playing a more positive game online. 

Among them is social media specialist and adman Vaughn Davis. 

Though Vaughn has something that help him rise above Level 3 lockdown that most people don't  - his own plane. 

On Super Saturday the weekend before last he took to the air to fly a giant 'V for vaccine' over Auckland - and posted the image of his flightpath on social media. 

Shortly he'll be taking to the air again for a Labour Day flight - he joins Colin Peacock from the Ardmore airbase.  

Vaughn Davis runs Auckland advertising and social media company the Goat Farm

Vaughn Davis runs Auckland advertising and social media company the Goat Farm Photo: Supplied

10:20 Brian Ashby, Canterbury's voice of sports 

Cantabrians who follow sport on the radio were sad to hear last month that one of the stalwarts of local broadcasting down the years had called it quits. 

Brian had covered every Olympic Games since Sydney 2000  - and alongside the Commonwealth Games too. 

As wll as covering rugby and the Olympics, Brian is a big fan multisport covering the Coast-to-Coast, Ironman, cycling plus many other events.

But he doesn't just cover Ironman - he competes to a pretty high level. Brian Ashby joins the show to talk all things sport. 

No caption

Photo: Supplied

10:45 What Moana Maniapoto learned hosting Te Ao

Moana Maniapoto is a familiar name from her work with Moana and the Tribe, or prior to that, Moana and the Moahunters  

The entertainer and singer has also been, for 35 shows, the host of Te Ao with Moana. 

She recently filmed the final episode of the show, which was named best current affairs programme on TV this year. 

Over those episodes the current events programme did stories on gangs, partner violence, te reo Māori and Covid-19 and its impact on Māori. 

Moana joins the show to discuss Te Ao, and what fronting the show has taught her.  

No caption

Photo: Maori Television

11:04 Spring gardening with Tony Murrell and Fiona Eady

It's not just spring, it's Labour Weekend, and that always means gardening and planting. Tune in for your spring gardening tips with two of the country's best. They'll be taking questions so text 2101 or email with your questions. 

14381065 - white daisy potted flower at garden center retail store

Photo: 123RF

11:38 The tale of the Motunui epa

In the 1970s striking carved panels were found in Taranaki while ditches were being dug.

They disappeared from the area, and were discovered when art collector George Ortiz in Geneva decided to sell off some of his art, to pay back a debt incurred in paying the US$2 million dollar ransom for his kidnapped daughter. 

The auction made the news, New Zealand realised a taonga was in the wrong hands, and a legal battle ensued. 

This story is told in an episode of the ABC's podcast Stuff the British Stole. Rachel Buchanan's whakapapa includes Taranaki and Te Ātiawa, and she is writing a book describing this story. 

She joins Colin from Melbourne. 

Motunui Epa pataka panel

Motunui Epa pataka panel Photo: Supplied