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12:43 Object / Anti-Object

Artist Paul Cullen is hosting visitors to two meteoric art installations inspired by his time in Alabama. Object / Anti-Object is based on scientific speculation about a meteor crater in the USA and the exhibition's set up at architect Ian Athfield's pool complex overlooking Wellington Harbour (Athfield Architects) and at Gallery 30 Upstairs, Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 May, 11am-4pm. There is a free courtesy shuttle service to and from Khandallah, departing 30 Courtney Place at 11 am - 1 pm - 3 pm. Limited availability - bookings essential, email:

12:50 Costume designer Michele Clapton

Michele Clapton, one time fashion designer and musician stylist, has gone on to win Baftas and Emmy nominations for her costumes designs for the TV series Game of Thrones. She's currently in New Zealand so we take the chance to find out more about her creative designs for these and other top TV series.

1:10 At The Movies

1:35 Smokefree Rock Quest turns 25

We mark the 25th anniversary of the Smokefree Rock Quest… the roll call of student musicians who've gone on to truly great things includes Kimbra, King Kapisi, Bic Runga and, one of our guests today, Bobby Kennedy from Opshop. We also chat to one of the event's founders Pete Rainey and Stephanie Lees from the New Zealand Music Commission.

Pete Rainey and Stephanie Lees
Stephanie Lees and Pete Rainey.

1:48 The Auckland Triennial

With more than thirty artists and art collectives, across nine different galleries spanning the length and breadth of Auckland, led by superstar curator Hou Hanru and lasting for three months, the Fifth Auckland Triennial is nothing if not expansive and ambitious. Linda Tyler from the Gus Fisher Gallery at Auckland University has seen all the previous Triennials come and go. Arts on Sunday reporter Justin Gregory asks her how this one stacks up.

Auckland Triennial

Tom Rhodes USA2:05 The Laugh Track

American comedian, actor, host, and travel writer Tom Rhodes (left), who's in New Zealand for the Comedy Festival.

Rainer Hersch2:26 Rainer Hersch - Victor Borge

Then one for all you Victor Borge fans – we talk to Rainer Hersch (right) who's created a show around the great Dane's comedy, life and times, which saw him become the most highly paid entertainer in his day.

2:35 New Zealand's first female war poet, Lorna Stavely Anker

Bernadette Hall reminds us of the work of New Zealand's first female war poet Lorna Stavely Anker, by bringing together published and previously unseen works in The Judas Tree. It's published by Canterbury University Press.

The Judas Tree
From left: The Judas Tree, Lorna Stavely Anker, and Bernadette Hall.

2:45 Poet Fleur Adcock - Glass Wings

Expat poet Fleur Adcock on her new collection Glass Wings, published by Victoria University Press.

2:53 Academic, writer and arts patron Dr Kaye Flavell

Dr Kaye Flavell set up an artists' residency in the Wairarapa more than 10 years ago, and she hopes Kiwis will keep the New Pacific Studio going now she's returning to America.

New Pacific Studio

3:05 The Drama Hour

Improv king Greg Ellis in the role of ultra-cheesey performer Vance Fontaine.