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5:05 Ode to Gallipoli by Bev Wood

Told by Peter Hambleton

5:30 ANZAC Day Dawn service

The Dawn Ceremony of Remembrance from the Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in central Wellington, presented by Warwick Burke (RNZ).

6:45 2015 ANZ RSA Cyril Bassett VC Speech Competition

Winner Caitlin Papuni McLellan

7:08 Saturday Morning with Kim Hill

A special ANZAC Day live broadcast from the new National War Memorial Park in central Wellington (RNZ)

11:00 National ANZAC Day Service

From the Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in central Wellington (RNZ)

12:30 The Midday Report

An extended bulletin of national and international news and sportDavid Moger crop

12:40 Anzac Day past, present and future

The chief executive of the RSA, David Moger (pictured), reflects on the celebration of Anzac Day past, present and future.

1:06 Indian Anzacs

There were more than 15 thousand Indians fighting at Gallipoli but their part in the campaign is often forgotten. Military historian Rana Chhina says Indian infantry and artillery were vital to the struggle, while Indian mule drivers toiled under heavy fire to keep the Anzacs supplied with vital food, water and ammunition.

Gallery: The Indian Army at Gallipoli

Indian Sikh soldiers Gallipoli Turkey
Indian Sikh soldiers watching Turkish prisoners in a compound, Gallipoli, Turkey, August 7, 1915. The compound was just across a gully from the rear headquarters of the 1st Australian Division. Photograph taken by Rev Ernest Northcroft. Ref: 1/2-077922-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

1:30 The soldier-making game: Sport in WW1

In 1902 one of New Zealand's very first All Blacks called rugby "the good, manly and soldier-making game". We explore the role of sport in WW1 with sport historian Greg Ryan and Dr Ron Palenski, chief executive of the New Zealand Hall of Fame.

During the 1915 Gallipoli evacuation a cricket match was staged to disguise the withdrawal. Image courtesy of the War Graves Commission.

1:47 The Native Contingent

Many Maori opposed participation in the war after land confiscations by the British but others saw it as a golden opportunity to prove they were the equals of Pakeha. We speak to historian Monty Soutar, who is writing a book about the Maori experience of WW1.

Gallery: The Native Contingent

landing at Gallipolli
Māori Contingent, No 1 Outpost, Gallipoli, Turkey. Read, J C Images of the Gallipoli campaign. Ref: 1/4-058101-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Sarah Johnston2:10 The landing, in their words

 In the final minutes before its 100th anniversary sound archivist Sarah Johnston (pictured) tells the story of the landing at Gallipoli through the voices of those who were there.

2:30 approximately Dawn Service of Remembrance

From the ANZAC commemorative site at Gallipoli (RNZ)

3:50 Turkish ambassador Damla Yeşim Say

Turkish ambassador Damla Yeşim Say speaks from the Ataturk Memorial in Wellington.

Ataturk Memorial Park and Monument South coast of Wellington above Tarakena Bay Cc BY Aidan Flikr
Ataturk Memorial Park and Monument, South coast of Wellington, above Tarakena Bay. CC BY 2.0 Aidan

4:06 Anzac music with The Eastern

Lyttleton string band The Eastern perform live in Christchurch with a series of Anzac-themed songs: 'E Pari Ra' by Paraire Tomoana; 'And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda' by Eric Bogle; 'Up Spinner' by The Eastern; 'Scorn of the Women' by Weddings, Parties, Anything.

The Eastern live in Christchurch

Kirstie Ross Te Papa crop4:33 A revisionist history of Anzac Day

The curator of Te Papa's Gallipoli exhibition, Kirstie Ross, casts a critical eye on the accepted wisdom of what Anzac day is all about.

5:00 The 5 O'clock Report

An roundup of today's news and ANZAC activities.

5:30 Drama: Once on Chunuk Bair

A critical look at the Gallipoli campaign through one event - the taking of the hill known as Chunuk Bair in August 1915, adapted from the stage play by Maurice Shadbolt (1 of 2, RNZ)

Trenches reconstructed at Canakkale on the site of the Battle of Chunuk Bair.

Trenches reconstructed at Canakkale on the site of the Battle of Chunuk Bair. Photo: AFP

7:06 Saturday Night with Phil O'Brien

An evening of music and commemoration

10:45 (approx) Service of Remembrance

From the New Zealand Memorial on Chunuk Bair, Gallipoli (RNZ).