9 Jun 2021

Finding Wellington's Next Top Mould-el

From Afternoons, 1:30 pm on 9 June 2021

Fungi growing out of carpets, mouldy walls, slugs… a photo competition for Wellington's worst flat is drawing attention to the city's housing crisis.

With rents are out of control and no higher-quality housing available, the Wellington Council needs to take urgent action, says Eleanor West from the advocacy group A City For People.

Mould-el entrant

Mould-el entrant Photo: supplied

West hopes the competition will help garner support for revisions to Wellington's 30-year spacial plan that would allow for greater density, partly through abolishing the current blanket protection of the city's colonial character homes.

Some are well-preserved but many aren't healthy to live in, West says.

"People have mould growing on the walls and fungi growing out of the carpets and they can barely afford to pay rent with the student allowances."

Wellington's 30-year spacial plan is an opportunity for the council has an opportunity to take strong action on the housing crisis, she says.

"We want to make sure that we have a liveable, walkable city where people can live close to their work and schools and not have to rely on owning a private vehicle - and just have homes that are warm and dry and won't make them sick."

Submissions for Wellington's Top Mould-el close on 21 June. The prize is $610 - the median weekly rent in Wellington.


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