20 Jul 2018

Kelly Gibney's Indian Spiced Brown Rice Porridge

From Afternoons, 3:07 pm on 20 July 2018

Porridge is one of the best things about winter and doesn't have to be about oats, says food writer Kelly Gibney.

She shares with us a delicious recipe for Indian Spiced Brown Rice Porridge.

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Photo: Supplied / Kelly Gibney

Kelly often makes up one big pot of porridge that lasts her family a couple of days.

For her kids, she likes to make it with half buckwheat and half quick oats – for added creaminess.

Brown rice porridge is a good way to use up leftover brown rice, Kelly says.

"Essentially, it's a way to have rice pudding at breakfast."

She likes the bite of brown rice, but in this recipe you can also use white rice, quinoa or hulled millet – a gluten-free grain high in B vitamins that when cooked resembles couscous, she says.

This porridge is spiced with cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and a pinch of saffron for a bit of added luxury. You can also add turmeric if you like.

Recipe: Indian Spiced Brown Rice Porridge

Kelly Gibney is the author of the cookbook Wholehearted. You can find more of her recipes on her blog and below.