First song with Stan Walker

Stan Walker stops by to talk about his latest album due out on Friday, All In.

He talks to Anna about other projects he's got coming up and what life has been like 13 years on from his breakout win on Australian Idol.

Stan Walker

Stan Walker Photo: Rāwhai Wetere

1:15 Health NZ asked to consider a new system for wider access to specialists

Health NZ is being asked to consider a new Telehealth model which would give greater access to specialists for people all over New Zealand.

The system, called PASE or Patient Anywhere Specialist Everywhere, is already in place in other OECD countries in a similar way to the proposal from The New Zealand Telehealth Forum.

The forum has presented a white paper to MPS ans Health NZ. Forum Chair Dr Ruth Large is a  Rural Hospital and ED specialist. She talks to Anna about their proposal.

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1:25 Simplicity founder Sam Stubbs on giving away his Money Made Simple book

How many times have you heard people say that we should've learnt about taxes and money management in school?

We all want to learn about how to make our money work better for us, especially with inflation so high right now.

But it has to be accessible. It has to be simple, and relevant to New Zealanders.

Sam Stubbs co-founder of Simplicity has released a new book called Money Made Simple, and is giving it away to his clients!

Former Tower Investment chief executive Sam Stubbs.

Former Tower Investment chief executive Sam Stubbs. Photo: Screenshot RNZ

1:35 Cats are eating bats as a food source

Bat researchers have been concerned for awhile about feral cats killing our native pekapeka or bats.

But new research shows that cats aren't just killing them for fun, but for food.

These are concerning findings for our 2021 Bird of the Year, the long-tailed bat, as well as the Lesser short tailed bat.

DOC science advisor and bat expert Kerry Borkin, who was a researcher on this paper talks to Anna about the findings and what they've learned from it.

The long-tailed bat (pekapeka)

The long-tailed bat (pekapeka) Photo: Colin O'Donnell / Forest and Bird

1:45 Funder for start ups helping the environment

Giant kelp locking away carbon, an antidote to greenwashing, and real time emission data.

They're the focus of three New Zealand startups that have recieved funding from a global firm called Subak.

And Subak have reached out saying they have more funding to give.

The Australia/New Zealand Executive Director of Subak Chris Wilson talks to Anna.

Rain drops falling from a black umbrella

Photo: 123RF

2.12 Podcast Critic: Hamish Cardwell

Today RNZ's Hamish Cardwell talks to Anna about Grove Road, a Newshub podcast on the Allan Hall miscarriage of justice. He's also been listening The Commune Stuff podcast and Endless Honeymoon by Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggerro.

Bert Potter. Still from Heaven and Hell: The Centrepoint Story - TVNZ documentary

Photo: Supplied / TVNZ

2:25 Bookmarks with Mervin Singham

This week's Bookmarks guest is the Chief Executive of the Ministry for Ethnic Communities. He was also the Executive Director of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Historical Abuse in State and Faith-based Care.

Mervin Singham, is also an accomplished artist with an exhibition opening in Wellington tomorrow.

Mervin Singham with his art

Photo: Mervin Singham

Curious Habits book cover

Curious Habits book cover Photo: supplied

3:10 Changing habits for happiness

On paper, Luke Mathers had it all; a director for a major company in Australia and New Zealand, a thriving family, but he just felt flat.  He decided to do something about it. He got curious about why he wasn't happy. Now Mathers works with CEOS and Olympic athletes to help them harness the power of curiosity to break bad habits and change for the better. His new book is called Curious Habits: Why We do What we Do and How to Change.

3:35 Stories from Our Changing World

Coming up on Our Changing World - Claire Concannon speaks to University of Auckland PhD student Edin Whitehead about her passion for seabirds and her research into how to conserve them.

Rako and fairy prions flying low over the ocean

Rako (Buller's shearwaters) and tītī wainui (fairy prions). Photo: Edin Whitehead

3:45 The Panel with Victoria MacLennan and Jack Yan