1:20 Electric meals on wheels, making meals on your doorstep

A local catering company is preparing to trial a new way of food delivery in level 3 that delivers meals right from the kitchen to your door.

And it's sustainable too - the mobile kitchen is electric and removes the need for takeaway packaging.

Chef and founder of the Sustainable Food Company, Amy Klitscher, came up with the 'meals of electric wheels' idea. She talks to Jesse.

Sustainable Food Co Chef Amy Klitscher in the kitchen

Sustainable Food Co Chef Amy Klitscher in the kitchen Photo: www.facebook.com/thesustainablefoodco

1:27 Robotic asparagus harvester set to change the game

Asparagus season has just begun, it hits its peak in October and November, and a new way of harvesting could be a game changer for growers keen to take advantage of the seasonal boom.

A world-first, autonomous robotic harvester is in development thanks to work done by University of Waikato researchers and supported by Robotics Plus.

Robotics Plus chief executive and co-founder Steve Saunders talks to Jesse about the game changing technology.

Asparagus growing in Horowhenua

Photo: Supplied

1:37 Full Immersion Te Reo Māori tours at Waitomo Caves

More Te Wiki o te Reo Māori celebrations!

With the Waikato safely back in level 2, tours are once again underway at the iconic glow worm caves of Waitomo.

This week they're doing something very cool - tours given either bilingually or entirely in te reo Māori, guided by direct descendents of the cave's original explorers.

One of the kaimahi/guides, Moera Anderson joins Jesse to chat about his connection to Waitomo and what these new tours will look like.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves Tour

Waitomo Glowworm Caves Tour Photo: Waitomo Caves

1:55 Afternoons Quiz Robert Kelly

RNZ producer and onetime bookseller Robert Kelly presents his weekly quiz.


2.12 Podcast Critic: Ellie Jay

Today Ellie reviews Also Day X from the New York Times and Cuddle Club, a weekly podcast by Lou Sanders.

2:25 Bookmarks with Christopher Walsh

This week's guest is Christopher Walsh, the founder of MoneyHub, a website that is a guide to help answer almost any financial questions people have. He talks to Jesse about what he watches, reads and listens to in his downtime.

Christopher Walsh

Christopher Walsh Photo: supplied

3:10 Under attack from the right and the left

Criticized for abandoning the right, and for being critical of the left, writer, editor and blogger Andrew Sullivan is one of the most influential journalists of the last 30 years.  He is in a tribe of one, a fierce foe of Donald Trump on the right  and of wokeness culture on the left. He's gathered 30 years of essays that track some of the most  contentious topics in recent American history for his new book, Out On A Limb  Selected Writing, 1989-2021.

No caption

Photo: supplied

3:35 Stories from Our Changing World

On Our Changing World this week - in the hills north of Dunedin the predator-free fenced area of Orokonui Ecosanctuary provides a safe space for many native New Zealand birds, tuatara and lizards.

In 2008 six South Island kākā were released into the Ecosanctuary, with the hopes of re-establishing a population of birds, long lost to their ancestral home.

While the population has grown since then, it has not been all smooth sailing. Claire Concannon learns about the rollercoaster ride of the South Island kākā's return to this area, and about the groups working together to help make it happen.

Juvenile kākā at the Dunedin Wildlife Hospital

Juvenile kākā at the Dunedin Wildlife Hospital Photo: Supplied

3:45 The Panel with Julia Hartley-Moore and Shane Te Pou