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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 13 September 2021


1:12 First song: Navvy's first single of 2021

Pop sensation Navvy's released her first single of 2021. She's been teaching herself how to produce her own tracks in her London studio. She talks to Jesse about her work and life in London.


Navvy Photo: supplied

1:17 Helping students access laptops for learning

Covid lockdowns have impacted how our kids are learning - with more and more students relying on digital devices.

And it's a problem for kids who don't have access to those devices.

In response, an initiative called DigiTautua has been set up to help close the digital divide in South Auckland by raising money to get more laptops into the hands of young Maori and Pacific students.

Every $500 donated will purchase and deliver for each student a fit-for-purpose device.

DigiTautua is the brain child of Eteroa Lafaele. She talks to Jesse about the initiative and why its so important.

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1.27 Rabbit numbers rocketing around the country

To some not-so-great news, rabbit numbers continue to skyrocket.

It's also not just in the usual areas like Otago, the Hawkes Bay is seeing the highest numbers since records began in 1996.

Hawke's Bay Regional Council Manager of Catchment Services, Campbell Leckie.talks to Jesse about what they're dealing with.


Photo: Unsplash / Nathan Anderson

1.34 The 'smell of fear' wins an Ig Nobel prize

For 30 years scientists have acknowledged the humour in their work with a satricial counterpart to the prestigious Nobel Prize: the aptly named Ig Nobel Prize.

The aim of the Ig Nobel Prize is to "honour achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think."

And this year a New Zealander took out the Ig Nobel prize for Chemistry with his research into the smell of fear.

University of Auckland Senior Lecturer, Dr Joerg Wicker talks to Jesse about the win and his work.

Dr Joerg Wicker

Dr Joerg Wicker Photo:

1:45 Great NZ Album: Mōhau

Mōhau showcases the live recording of eight moving and uplifting waiata whakamoemiti.

2:10 Television Critic: Linda Burgess

Today Linda talks to Jesse about The Turning Point on Netflix and Greenland on Neon.

2:20  Lazarus Heist EP 13 

From the BBC World Service, The Lazarus Heist tells the true story of an attempted $1 billion hack, which investigators say was carried out by a secretive ring of elite North Korean hackers.

While it could be the plot of a Hollywood movie... the work of this dangerous group of hackers caused worldwide panic that was only too real.

Episode 13 is called Cat and Mouse.

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2:30 Sewing tips from an expert

This week's expert is Emily Miller-Sharma, the General Manager of RUBY.

She talks to Jesse about what type of sewing machine you'll need, the best way to improve your technique and small mistakes you might be making which results in your garment looking homemade rather than store-bought. 

Be sure to text any questions through to 2101 or email them to

Emily Miller-Sharma - the General Manager of RUBY

Emily Miller-Sharma - the General Manager of RUBY Photo: Supplied

3:10 Tik Tok Doc on her move down under

Online, Dr Danielle Jones is known at the Mama Doctor to her millions of followers on Tik Tok, Twitter and other social media. Soon she’ll be know as the Invercargill doctor who delivers babies at Southland Hospital. The social media influencer who posts about women’s health has taken a job here and will be moving her family to New Zealand. We’ll talk to her about dispensing medical information online, and the quest to find work life balance.

Dr Danielle Jones

Dr Danielle Jones Photo: supplied

3:35 Voices

In ‘Voices’ today; Kadambari Raghukumar continues to conversation on Afghanistan - what’s happening with those left behind there and those that have made to NZ? the Taliban takeover

Amina Hassanpoorin Kabul at a conference and women and peace, 2020

Amina Hassanpoorin Kabul at a conference and women and peace, 2020 Photo: Subject's own

3:45 The Panel with Tueila Fuatai and Mark Sainsbury