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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 4 August 2021


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1:17 Dunedin study shows a shift in family structure dynamics

The Dunedin Study was set up in the 70s to learn more about children's health and development, by following a cohort of children from birth.

It's still going, and the original particpants are now adults with their own children.

Researchers are collecting data on this next generation, and new findings show what we might all suspect -  that we're moving away from the nuclear family structure. Dr Helen McAnally talks to Jesse about what they're seeing.

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1:27 Potential limit on timber exports by the government not welcome

The rising costs of scarce building materials is worsening our housing crisis.

The government is now considering limiting timber exports to keep that supply local.

A couple of months ago we talked to the CEO of independent timber company Red Stag - Marty Verry - about the timber shortage.

He joins Jesse again today to share his thoughts on government intervention.

Wooden logs stored at port of Picton, New Zealand.

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1:37 Trial to go back to milk in glass bottles on the West Coast.

A couple of West Coast locals are trialling a glass bottle fresh milk operation.

Anna Emmerson and John Marshall have been dairy farming in Moana, Lake Brunner for six years - but they're delivering something more sustainable to their community - glass bottles of milk straight from the farm with the cream on top. Anna talks to Jesse about how its going one month in.

43843255 - close up of bottles of milk in a wood box.

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1:55 Afternoons Quiz Robert Kelly

RNZ producer and onetime bookseller Robert Kelly presents his weekly quiz.


2.12 Podcast Critic: Caitlin Cherry

This week Caitlin looks at podcasts that make you re-think your views on women in the public eye including Pieces of Britney by Pandora Sykes of the BBC and Slowburn Season 2: The Clinton Impeachment

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2:25 Bookmarks with Ana Scotney

Actress, musician, and self-described "massive pop culture nerd", Ana Scotney, joins us for Bookmarks today!

You may have seen Ana in the acclaimed New Zealand film Cousins, which was released earlier this year.

Ana is also known - among many other things - for her role as Sepa in hit comedy The Breaker Upperers and also played a She-Wolf in Wellington Paranormal. 

Ana has recently returned from working in Australia so we thought this would be a good chance to catch up and hear about her amazing list of pop culture picks!

Check out her website here.

Ana Scotney.

Ana Scotney. Photo: Supplied.

3:10 How to talk about social justice issues without arguing! A podcast.

Two people with two opposing views about big social issues on one podcast. Academy Award winning director Emile Sherman and  his cousin, Dr  Lloyd Vogelman  seek to have thoughtful discourse about tough topics including divorce, the morality of eating meat and  putting a dollar amount on the value of human life, in their podcast The Principle of Charity. We'll talk to them about how to have tough conversations that don't devolve into fights.

Princple of Charity podcast

Princple of Charity podcast Photo: supplied

3:35 Stories from Our Changing World

This week on Our Changing World, can playing at home really help a sports team win?

Katy Gosset talks to a psychologist about how crowds and match officials influence the phenomenon known as the ''home game advantage''.

A photo of a line of spectators in red clothing, shouting and clapping in support of their team.

Crowds roar support for their team Photo: 123rf

3:45 The Panel with Niki Bezzant and Chris Clarke