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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 9 March 2021


1:12 Bill Hickman performs live

Wellington singer/songwriter Bill Hickman performs live in our Wellington studio with Dusty Burnell ahead of his big band style show, Bill Hickman's Seven Deadly Sins at Meow on Thursday

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Photo: supplied/Bill Hickman


1:17 Concern COVID was used to promote unhealthy food

Public health experts are concerned there was an effort to shift more unhealthy food and drink during times of COVID lock downs by promoting them as being in step with the nationwide response to the pandemic.

Senior Research Fellow at the University of Auckland, Dr Sarah Clare Gerritsen is one of the authors of a report which looked closely the "covid-washing" of unhealthy food around the country.

She explains to Jesse what they uncovered about the link between peddling less healthy food and drink to vulnerable communities under the guise of  a "COVID response".

Dr Sarah Gerritsen from the University of Auckland's School of Population Health

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1:27 Activists fighting back against online far right protagonists with "Bread Tube".

Just as YouTube has gained a reputation for facilitating far-right radicalisation a left wing group of activists are fighting back, calling themselves "Bread Tube".

The idea behind "Bread Tube" is to disturb algorithms which are designed to get more viewers to see more far right content.

Alexander Mitchell Lee from the Australian National University has been observing the push back from the left online and explains to Jesse how "Bread Tube" operates successfully.

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1:35 Getting farmers off the paddocks and into the ocean

Charity, Surfing for Farmers has been set up to help farmers get a break from working their land and improve their mental health.

It has been set up following the big increase in the number of farmers who have taken their own lives in recent years.

Programme co-ordinator, Jack Dustin speaks to Jesse about the pressure on the rural sector and how a surf with others followed by a casual BBQ  can help farmers de-stress.

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Photo: © Third Party Media - Matt

1:50 How to Write: A Recipe with Nadia Lim

Every Tuesday we look at "How to Write" different topics. This week we speak to acclaimed food author and My Food Bag co-founder, Nadia Lim about how to write a recipe, especially for novice cooks!

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Photo: Roy Guisinger Pixabay

2:10 Book Critic: Laura Dooney

Laura Dooney's managed to read a few novels on a recent holiday. She talks to Jesse about FOUR books, Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie, Talking Animals by Joni Murphy, The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood and
Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.

2:20 Music Feature MTV Unplugged Part 2 

RNZ Brad Warrington, aka DJ Sticky Fingaz is back with Jesse to talk about the cultural phenomenon of the 90s, the MTV Unplugged series. 

He goes back in time to look at some of the best performances that were done by some of the music industry's biggest names.

Michael Stipe of REM performing for MTV Unplugged in 1991

Michael Stipe of REM performing for MTV Unplugged in 1991 Photo: YouTube screenshot

Silver Linings book cover

Silver Linings book cover Photo: Supplied

3:10 COVID silver linings success stories in New Zealand

New Zealand is approaching a full year of lockdowns, social distancing and mask wearing.

No one has escaped the impacts of COVID19, but amid the stories of fear and loss, there are stories about kiwis who found new ways to do business and connect.

Entrepreneurs and innovators Joe Davis and David Downs gather the good news in their book Silver Linings: Kiwi Success Stories in the Time of Covid.


3:30 Spoken Feature: Healthy or Hoax

Coming up on Healthy or Hoax this week, Stacey Morrison looks into CBD and hemp-based beauty products.

Farmer holding cannabidiol (CBD) bottle  in cannabis field. (Photo by IGOR STEVANOVIC / SCIENCE PHOTO / IST / Science Photo Library via AFP)


3:45 The Panel with Mihingarangi Forbes and Phil O'Reilly