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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 3 March 2021


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1:17 Commonly used drugs help reduce death rates in COVID patients

New Zealand researchers have been part of an international study which has found commonly used drugs can help reduce the risk of death in critically ill COVID-19 patients. 

The drugs, usually used for treating rheumatoid arthritis were found to help in conjunction with others being used to treat patients. 

Auckland Hospital ICU boss, Dr Colin McArthur talks to Jesse about New Zealand's part in the trial and how significant the discovery is in helping COVID patients survive. 

Dr Colin McArthur

Dr Colin McArthur Photo: supplied

1:27 Fish ears affected by ocean acidification 

New research has found that increased acidification in water impacts on the development of fish ears. 

They found that meant fish hearing was decreased which impacts on their behaviour. 

Associate Professor Craig Radford explains to Jesse how they carried out the research and did a hearing test on them. 

Both juvenile and adult snapper gather in the marine reserve around Goat Island near Leigh in New Zealand.

Juvenile and adult snapper. Photo: 123RF

1:37 Sexual assaults allegations mounting in Canberra  

A former political advisor to the Liberal Party has alleged she was raped by a former colleague during her time working in Canberra, and when she reported it at the time in 2019 no action was taken. 

Now Brittany Higgins' decision to go public has led to more women coming forward talking of similar experiences during their time in the Australian capital. 

Sydney based neuropsychologist Hannah Korrel talks to Jesse about the culture problems in the city and her own experience from working there.

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Photo: AFP

Where to get help

If you have been affected by sexual violence and need support contact Wellington HELP on their 24/7 support line, 04 801 6655.

Other agencies

NZ Police

Victim Support 0800 842 846

Rape Crisis 0800 88 33 00

Rape Prevention Education

Empowerment Trust

Safe to talk: a 24/7 confidential helpline for survivors, support people and those with harmful sexual behaviour: 0800044334.

Mosaic - Tiaki Tangata Peer support for males who have experienced trauma and sexual abuse: 0800 94 22 94


1:55 Afternoons Quiz Robert Kelly

RNZ producer and onetime bookseller Robert Kelly presents his weekly quiz.

Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly Photo: John Duke


2.12 Podcast Critic: Ellie Jay 


2:25 Bookmarks with David Chambers

Today's Bookmarks guest is recently retired Christchurch drama teacher David Chambers.

He spent four decades teaching drama to young people, and was recently made a Drama New Zealand Life Member.

He shares his favourite books, music and movies with Jesse. 

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Photo: Supplied

David's choices:


          I Had A Black Dog - Matthew Johnstone

          The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time - Mark Haddon

          Les Misérables - Victor Hugo 1862


          Allegri: Miserere - The World of Kings with Roy Goodman soloist

          Dudley Benson - Audrey H (The Awakening, Golden Retriever Records)

          Michael Ball:  Empty Chairs (Les Misérables)

          Tina Arena: What's New Buenos Aires? (Evita Australia cast recording)


          Proof - David Auburn

          The Intricate Art of Actually Caring - Eli Kent

          Apollo 13 Mission Impossible - Kip Chapman & Brad Knewstubb


          National Theatre Live: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time - Mark Haddon

          National Theatre Live: Midsummer Night's Dream

          Nomad Land starring Francis McDormand 


TV shows:


          Breaking Bad


          Schitts Creek

          Peaky Blinders

          The Crown

          The Repair Shop

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Photo: supplied

3:10 How life changed when Stuart Watson stopped talking and started listening 

Everything changed with Stuart Watson stopped talking and started listening. As an investigative reporter, he spent his career talking to people.  

It took recovering from alcoholism, coming to terms with adoption and meeting his birth family for him to realize he wasn't really hearing what women had to say.

He now hosts a podcast called ManListening featuring conversations with strong women who've bounced back from adversity and  a new book, What She Said, What I Heard: How One Man Shut Up and Started Listening.


3:35 Stories from Our Changing World: A new test for IVF embryos

Janet Pitman and her team, at Victoria University of Wellington, are developing a new test that they hope will be a better and cheaper way of screening human embryos, to detect those with chromosomal abnormalities. They tell Alison Ballance that half of embryos carry too many chromosomes, which is usually fatal and contributes to a low success rate for embryos conceived using IVF.

A new artificial intelligence approach to IVF could improve the rate of success and minimize the risk of multiple pregnancies.

A new artificial intelligence approach to IVF could improve the rate of success and minimize the risk of multiple pregnancies. Photo: 123RF

3:45 The Panel with Tayyaba Khan and Liam Hehir