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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 8 December 2020


1:12 Jon Toogood and Liam Finn perform live

Jon Toogood and Liam Finn join Jesse in the Auckland studio to perform live ahead of the epic Come Together series.

They play their version of Neil Young's 'My My, Hey Hey'.

Jon Toogood

Photo: Screen capture

1:17 Guled Mire on upcoming release of Royal Commission findings

The Royal Commisssion of Inquiry into the Terrorist Attack on Christchurch is being released in just under one hour.

The report will be tabled in parliament and make recommendations based on what it's uncovered about the shooter, his ability to arm himself and why he never came to the attention of agencies.

It's been distributed to the victims already ahead of the 2pm embargo.

Guled Mire is one of the first people RNZ spoke to when the mosques were attacked.

Guled Mire. One Year On.

Guled Mire. One Year On. Photo: Loading Docs


1:27 Norovirus outbreak in Auckland

It appears that a cleaning product designed to inactivate the coronavirus is the reason there has been a 10 fold increase in norovirus outbreaks at early childhood centres across Auckland over the past month.

Auckland regional medical officer of health Dr Jay Harrower says there's been a shift to using ammonia based cleaning products which don't completely get rid of norovirus on surfaces.

Blocks at an early childhood centre

Photo: RNZ Insight/John Gerritsen

1:35 How charities will cope without cheques 

The charity sector is concerned about the impact that phasing out cheques will have on organisations.

Traditionally cheques have been a critical donation channel for charities and with talk of New Zealand being cheque free by July 2021 is weighing heavily on them.

To tackle problem, the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand (FINZ) has formed a working group to support the sector.

Cheque being signed

Cheque being signed Photo: 123RF

1:50 Book critic Catherine Robertson

Our regular book reviewer, author Catherine Robertson recently opened her own bookstore, so shares what's been selling well, and why books make great Christmas presents 

Catherine Robertson and Jane Arthur at their shop, Good Books

Catherine Robertson and Jane Arthur at their shop, Good Books Photo: Supplied/ Good Books

2:10 Release of Royal Commission Inquiry in to the Terrorist Attack on Christchurch Mosques

Answers over how this country's worst act of terrorism was allowed to happen should be provided today, when the findings of the Royal Commission are released at 2pm.

The 800 page report looks at what could and should have been done to prevent the 15 March 2019 attack, what could be done to prevent similar attacks in future, and the terrorist and his activities right up to the moment he opened fire on worshippers at the two mosques.

Victims of the Christchurch terror attack

Victims of the Christchurch terror attack Photo: RNZ

3:00 Leaders of the Christchurch Muslim community respond to the Royal Commission's report



3:45 The Panel with Tayyaba Khan and Peter Dunne