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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 7 December 2020


1:12 First song: Reupena Kilipati aka Samoan Cowboy

Today we meet the extremely talented Reupena Kilipati who has just finished Year 13 at Mangere College. At prize-giving a couple of weeks ago he received a whole string of awards. He joins Jesse in studio today to talk about his love of Country and Western Music and his future plans and to play his rendition of Vince Gill's Tryin' to Get Over You and Forever and EverAmen by Randy Travis.

Talofa Reupena and Jesse Mulligan

Talofa Reupena and Jesse Mulligan Photo: RNZ

1:17 Five out of 10 sunscreens don't live up to their SPF claims

Consumer NZ has test 10 well known sunscreens in New Zealand and half of them don't have the SPF levels they claim.

Jesse speaks to Lucy Elwood, Cancer Society National Office chief executive about the impact the claims might have on people using the sunscreens.


Sunscreen Photo: RNZ

1.27 North Island ignored by the tourism industry

Mary Jane Walker is on a mission to make sure people know that the North Island is just as much a worthy tourism destination as the South Island.

She's written a book, The Neglected North Island, show casing regions that have as much to offer as the south. She explains to Jesse why more people should travel north for exciting and unique experiences. You can find more of her tips on her website.

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Photo: Public Domain

1.34 Canopy Tours conservation efforts given approval

Rotorua's Canopy Tours operators have been putting their efforts into nearby conservation projects which have seen a huge increase in wildlife.

The Dansey Road Scenic Reserve has been given the tick of approval by  the former head of DOC and a lifelong dedicated conservationist, Tony Roxborough. He talks to Jesse about the unique parcel of land.

Tony Roxborough

Tony Roxborough Photo: supplied

1:45 Great NZ Album: Lawrence Arabia - Chant Darling

2:10 Television Critic: Caitlin Cherry

Today Caitlin Cherry looks at unlikeable television characters and why it's a formula for comedy success.

2:20 Neuropsychologist  Hannah Korrel on open relationships

A listener has emailed the show asking for help with his relationship after his partner of seven years told him she wanted their relationship to be an open one. He's not sure.

We've asked neuropscyhologist Dr Hannah Korrel back to speak to us about his conundrum. She previously spoke to Jesse about her book, How To Break Up With Friends.

woman is taking off the wedding ring


2:30 Expert: Fly fishing with Les Hill

Fly fishing expert - or self-described 'enthusiast' - Les Hill - has just put a new book out called 'Hooked for Life: A Celebration of Fly Fishing'

Les joins Jesse on the line from Hokitika to answer all your questions. 

Send any questions to 2101 or email

Les Hill, who's the author of 'Hooked for Life: A Celebration of Fly Fishing'.

Les Hill, who's the author of 'Hooked for Life: A Celebration of Fly Fishing'. Photo: Supplied.

A photo of the Upper Grey River by Les Hill.

A photo of the Upper Grey River by Les Hill. Photo: Photo by Les Hill

A photo taken by Les Hill of Lake Benmore.

A photo taken by Les Hill of Lake Benmore. Photo: Photo by Les Hill

3:10 John Yang - what it's like to be a vaccine guinea pig

The world may be getting a coronavirus vaccine for Christmas. Before New Zealanders roll up their sleeves for a jab, thousands of volunteers have already done that for clinical trials including patient 232. His name is John Yang,  a journalist and correspondent for the Public Broadcasting Newshour in America. He talks about why he took part in the trial and his experience as a vaccine guinea pig. 

John Yang

John Yang Photo: Supplied

3:35 Voices

As fruit picking season gets underway Kadambari Ragjukumar makes a visit to Hawkes Bay to see how growers and contractors are making do for now. 

3:45 The Panel with Sally Wenley and Fete Taito