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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 30 November 2020


1:17 Wild weather continues today for some areas

Residents of Plimmerton, just north of Wellington are in the midst of cleaning up after their area was hit by heavy rain which coincided with high tide yesterday. The region is expecting more rain later today and there are also heavy rain and strong winds forecast for parts of the North Island and upper South Island with warnings in place. Chris Brandolino Principal Scientist at Niwa speaks to Jesse about the weather that's on its way.

Fire fighters trying to pump water from a Plimmerton home.

Photo: Supplied/ Jane Mather

1.27 NZer on a mission to digitally map trees around the world

Joseph Michael has captured a 3D archive of the Amazon Forest, and after COVID derailed his plans he's also doing the same thing back here in New Zealand with our forests.

He talks to Jesse about why he's digitally mapping the trees and why the Amazon is a crucial part of his project.

For more information about 'Amazon - Raised up Sky' tour dates, go here

Joseph Michael

Joseph Michael Photo: supplied

Scanning up in the canopy.

Scanning up in the canopy. Photo: Supplied.

An Amazon tree scan.

An Amazon tree scan. Photo: Supplied / Joseph Michael

1.34 Anthology of poems by cleaners launched

Somewhere a cleaner - Their voices, in poetry and prose book has been launched in Parliament buildings by a former cleaner, now new Labour MP, Ibrahim Omer.

Landing Press publishing has put the book together as part of an ongoing series to provide a voice for people who might not always be heard in public forums/ Jesse talks to Mohan Singh about his poem that's in the book and what it means to the profession to have their work published.

Mohan Singh

Mohan Singh Photo: supplied

1:45 Great NZ Album: The Eastern: Hope and Wire 


2:10 Guy Williams TV picks

Today Guy Williams critiques the new TV3 documentary TV series Taranaki Hard which premiere's tonight. he also reviews Aunty Donna's Big Ol' House of Fun; The Queen's Gambit and he talks about Netflix removing Chappelle's Show At Dave Chappelle's request.

2:20 Statue of Auckland's founding father donated to Cornwall Park

Five generations of Shona Lyon's family lived next door to Cornwall Park in Auckland and wanted to give something back.

They have donated a three metre high statue to the park, sculpted by Shona, of Sir John Logan Campbell. She talks to Jesse about her family's long standing connection to the Park and making the impressive sculpture.

2:30 Expert Feature: Podiatry and looking after your feet

During the national lockdown this year there was a huge increase in people out exercising in their neighbourhoods, and it resulted in an increase in foot problems like aches, pains and injuries.

Today's expert is Ben Lamb, former head of Podiatry NZ and the head of podiatry at Health and Sport Central Christchurch, who's worked as a podiatrist for more than two decades. 

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Woman runner showing feet and running shoes on track or road.

Photo: 123rf

3:10 Zach Silver - Our dogs, Our selves 

Dogs are the new lab rats. Studying our most loyal companions is a good way to figure out human behavior because they've spent thousands of years studying us. That's the idea behind the Canine Cognition lab at Yale University. We'll talk to PhD student Zach Silver about what's going on inside the mind of your pet and what that says about us.

3:35 Voices

In 'Voices' today; Kadambari Raghukumar talks to trans pageant winner, Arielle Keil about gender, mental health and trans representation.  

3:45 The Panel with Verity Johnson and Jock Anderson