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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 23 November 2020

1:12 Come Together Series - Brothers in Arms

Three stunning concerts over three months, playing full covers of three classic albums. The first in the Come Together series featuring some of New Zealand's greatest artists is the Brothers in Arms performance gigs in Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington. Today indie folk singer songwriter Mel Parsons joins Jesse in our Auckland studio to talk about the concerts and the line-up and to sing Why Worry from the Brothers in Arms album for First Song.


1:17 Kiwi business 'in limbo' due to shipping delays

Shipping delays are having a serious impact on small Kiwi businesses.

Food and Grocery Council chief executive, Katherine Rich, last week warned us of a 'perfect storm' of freight delays leading up to Christmas.

Jesse speaks to the co-owner of Apostle Hot Sauce, Mat Watkins, to find out how the congestion has affected their small locally-run Paekākāriki business.

Lydia Harfield and Mat Watkins of Apostle Hot Sauce

Lydia Harfield and Mat Watkins of Apostle Hot Sauce Photo: Supplied/Apostle Hot Sauce

1.27 Reel recovery: using fishing to heal

A Kiwi organisation is using the healing power of fishing to help support men with cancer all over the country.

Reel Recovery was founded in 2003 by a group of keen fly-fishers, and Jesse speaks to the coordinator of Reel Recovery Craig Caldwell about how it all works.

Reel Recovery aims to support men with cancer through the practice of fly fishing.

Reel Recovery aims to support men with cancer through the practice of fly fishing. Photo: Reel Recovery

1.34 Breaking Silence: speaking up about domestic violence

The documentary series Breaking Silence aims to change the way we think about violence against women in this country. The series is produced by Magnetic Pictures and it's available to watch on RNZ now.

One episode is focused on the Diamonds in the Ring boxing gym for women, and former world champion boxer Daniella Smith talks about how their work is helping former clients of Women's Refuge to regain confidence. 

Breaking Silence | Available 23rd November | RNZ

Breaking Silence | Available 23rd November | RNZ Photo: RNZ / YouTube

1:45 Great NZ Album: The Clean – Vehicle

2:10 Linda Burgess' TV Picks

Linda reviews Emma and The Crown.

2:20 Tackling invasive moth plants 

Richard Henty is the founder of STAMPS - which stands for Society Totally Against Moth Plant. Recently he came across the biggest infestation he's ever seen and he joins Jesse to to talk about his discovery and share some advice about how to spot and get rid of the destructive plant. 


Photo: Supplied

2:30 Expert Feature: Black holes in space with Dr Stephen Curran

What's the difference between a black hole and a supermassive black hole? Is earth at risk of being swallowed? How many black holes are there in the universe?

Victoria University astrophysics lecturer Dr Stephen Curran returns for today's expert segment, to answer all of your pressing questions about black holes. 

Send your questions to

This European Southern Observatory picture is the first photograph of a black hole.

This European Southern Observatory picture is the first photograph of a black hole. Photo: AFP

3:10 Goodbye Phone, Hello World - Paul Greenberg

Paul Greenberg got a big wake up call about cellphones when his 12 year old son started asking for one. The best selling science author gave his son a list of reasons that was a bad idea, but continued to use his own phone for up to 4 hours a day. So Greenberg did something radical. He ditched his phone. His book is called Goodbye Phone, Hello World: 60 Ways to Disconnect from Tech and reconnect to Joy.

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Photo: 123RF

3:35 Voices

Au Pairs are becoming a rare commodity as our closed borders leave families in the lurch. In Voices this week we hear from two Germans who are finishing up their stay in New Zealand.

3:45 The Panel with Nalini Baruch and Gary McCormick