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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 22 September 2020

Critter of the Week t-shirts

Critter of the Week t-shirts Photo: RNZ/Liminal

Critter of the week t-shirts are back!

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1:17 Toby Manhire on tonight's leaders debate

The  political editor at The Spinoff, has taken a look at what can be expected from tonight's political leaders debate on TV1. 

The 7.00pm event comes just an hour after another political poll is released at 6pm. 

Toby talks to Jesse about the triangle of J's show tonight with Jacinda Ardern, Judith Collins and host, John Campbell. 

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Photo: RNZ

1:27 Bird song research shows scientists prone to unconscious bias

Scientists are not necessarily as objective and unbiased as you may think! A Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell University says approach to research is impacted by those who carry out the work. Karan Odom says birdsong has long been considered a male domain either as a mating ritual whereby they woo their female counterparts or a means by which they mark their territory. It turns out, female birdsong was never studied so closely and research in the past was primarily conducted by men.


Bellbird Photo: NZ Birds Online

1:35 Two hundred years since Russian expedition to Aotearoa 

In 1820 Russian captain Fabian Gottlieb Benjamin von Bellingshausen and his expedition sailed into Queen Charlotte Sound. They returned to Russia with Māori taonga, which cultural historian and linguist Dr Olga Suvorova has been studying and she published a paper about the subject in the journal Te Kaharoa earlier this year.

The  pare  from  the  Bellingshausen-Lazarevcollection,  1820,  at  the Russian Museum of Ethnography.

The pare from the Bellingshausen-Lazarevcollection, 1820, at the Russian Museum of Ethnography. Photo: Russian Museum of Ethnography

1:50 Over half of NZers can't afford dental check-ups

Academics from the University of Otago's dentistry school have been considering whether the state needs to put more funding towards dental care.

Jesse speaks to Associate Professor Jonathan Broadbent who is based at the School of Dentistry at the University of Otago.

cropped shot of dentist with instruments examining teeth of little child


2:10 Lisa Glass - easy reads

Lisa Glass says this year has been taxing in so many ways, so recently she's been devouring short and "funny" books. Today she reviews Night Boat to Tangiers - Kevin Barry; I am Sovereign - Nicola Barker and The Captain and the Glory - Dave Eggers.

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Photo: Public Domain

2:20 Music Feature: Cat Stevens' Tea For The Tillerman 2

Yusuf/Cat Stevens has released a rerecording of his classic 1970 album, Tea For The Tillerman.

It marks 50 years since the original album was released and became a much-loved classic.

New Zealand musician Bruce Lynch, who plays bass on the new album, joins Jesse for a chat.

Yusuf / Cat Stevens

Yusuf / Cat Stevens Photo: Supplied

3:10 Donald Trump's rise to power and the vulnerability of American democracy

Journalist and anthropologist Sarah Kendzior takes no joy in being right. She predicted the outcome of the US presidential election in 2016 and the style President Trump would adopt long before anyone else.  She writes about the inevitability of a Trump type presidency and the fragility of American democracy in her new book Hiding in Plain Sight: The Invention of Donald Trump and the Erosion of America.

US President Donald Trump speaks to the press as he departs from the South Lawn the White House on 18 September.

Photo: AFP

3:30 Witness History

Witness History looks back to 1977 in Argentina where a group of courageous mothers held a public demonstration demanding the release of their children who had been detained under the military regime.

3:45 The Panel with Jennie Moreton and Selwyn Manning


Music played in this show

First Song: Blue Smoke Anna Coddington 

Music Feature: Bruce Lynch on Cat Stevens - Tea For The Tillerman.

Where Do The Children Play?

Father And Son

On the Road To Find Out

Into White

Longer Boats

Sad Lisa 

Other song: Wicked Game covered by Grace Carter