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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 7 September 2020

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1:17 Saving 100 year old native trees in Canal Road Avondale

For 61 days protestors have been at a property in the Auckland suburb of Avondale in a bid to save a stand of 100 year old native trees.

Zane Wedding is one of the many arborists who've joined the movement to stop the trees being felled. He talks to Jesse about why the trees should be saved and protected.

Canal Road

Canal Road Photo: Ken Sparks

1.27 Stop calling the Prime Minister "Cindy" pleads journalist

Senior Stuff journalist Andrea Vance has outlined why the Prime Minister's detractors should stop calling her "Cindy" when posting about her.

She points out its sexist and only done by those who are trying to diminish Jacinda Ardern's power and agency.

Andrea talks to Jesse about why the use of "Cindy" by her opponents has irritated her so much.

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Photo: RNZ / Dom Thomas

1.34 WORKSHOP film selected for short film award at Venice Film Festival

A 16 minute long film shot at the Upper Hutt racecourse will premier at the Venice Film Festival this Friday.

WORKSHOP is one of only three films to have been selected for the festival in the past decade.

Writer/director Judah Finnigan talks to Jesse about making the short list for an award and what WORKSHOP is all about.


WORKSHOP cast Photo: supplied

1:45 Great NZ Album: Julia Deans - We Light Fire  

Julia Deans new album We Light Fire is just out

Julia Deans new album We Light Fire is just out Photo: Mareea Vegas

2:10 Caitlin Cherry's TV choices

This week's TV critic Caitlin Cherry unpicks the intricacies and nuances of Dublin Murders and I Hate Suzie 

2:20 Black Sheep Minnie Dean part 1

William Ray is bringing us a two-part series on Minnie Dean, the infamous baby farmer of Winton.

Toy dolls inside miniature hatboxes were reportedly sold outside the courthouse when Minnie Dean was tried for murder

Toy dolls inside miniature hatboxes were reportedly sold outside the courthouse when Minnie Dean was tried for murder Photo: Te Ara


2:40 Expert: The Dog Fixer 

Canine behaviour specialist Craig Peryer, aka The Dog Fixer, joins Jesse to talk about how to train your dog.

Recently he's been dealing with dogs with separation anxiety, as their owners have headed back to work after the Covid-19 lockdown. 

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Craig Peryer a.k.a The Dog Fixer

Craig Peryer a.k.a The Dog Fixer Photo: Supplied

3:10 Ninja Warrior Olivia Vivian - personal issues are tougher to navigate than physical ones

Olivia Vivian slays gravity on obstacles like the Swinging Spikes and Spider Jump on Australia Ninja Warrior. She's the first woman to reach the grand final of the reality TV show. We'll talk to the former Olympic gymnast about the personal obstacles that pale in comparison to the physical ones and why she is on a mission to inspire women and young girls everywhere.

3:35 Voices

In 'Voices' today;  Kadambari Gladding Gladding is at a south Auckland temple, where things get very busy every Wednesday and Sunday these days during alert Level 2  

3:45 The Panel with Nalini Baruch and Chris Wikaira




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First Song: Kate Bush - Babooshka


Great New Zealand Album: Julia Deans - We Light Fire 

 Walking in the Sun


We Light Fire


3.30 Reb Fountain - Slave