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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 8 June 2020

1:10 First song


1:17 $180 million could be spent on easing Auckland's water woes 

The water shortage in Auckland shows no signs of letting up - and city's water supplier, Watercare, could spend up to $180 million on finding different water sources. 

This could include desalinating seawater. 

Auckland's dam storage levels are now at 45 percent - usually at this time of year, they're around 77 percent. 

And experts say dry conditions are expected to continue through to the end of this month. 

Watercare chief executive Raveen Jaduram talks to Karyn Hay 

Auckland's rainfall during January to April was the driest four month period on record.

Photo: Supplied/ Watercare

1.27 Living and working local - is now the time for change? 

The tight restrictions created by Covid-19 created a shift in how, and where people worked - with those who could working from home, and avoiding the daily commute into the city. 

It meant people staying closer to home were, once restrictions eased, also shopping at their local shops, and getting food from the nearest takeaway. 

The concept of having people live, work, and do recreation in the one neighbourhood has been considered the best outcome for city-planning, but is tough to achieve. 

A city planner with decades of experience says now could be the time we choose to chase that elusive goal. 

Sydney-based city planner, Halvard Dalheim joins Karyn to explain. 

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - DECEMBER, 2017: Auckland downtown aerial view.

Photo: 123RF

1:45 Great NZ Album: The New Existentialists - Didn't Have Time

Full album details are here 

2:10 Television Critic Guy Williams 

Guy joins Karyn to talk about what he's been watching: The Luminaries on TV1 and TVNZ On Demand, and LA 92 and Rick and Morty on Netflix.

2:20 Cold blast to herald beginning of winter

Yes it's winter and the weather is expected to be colder - but a cold snap is headed our way that could see temperatures as low as -15. 

The chill is expected this coming weekend, when one of the strongest areas of high pressure on the planet will move over the country. 

But - despite the cold, the system is not expected to bring much needed rain to dry parts of the country. 

NIWA meterologist Ben Noll joins Karyn to explain. 

A Man With Warm Clothing Feeling The Cold Inside House

Photo: 123RF

2:30 Communicating through barriers

Speech language therapists work to help people of all ages to communicate as best as they can. 

They look to place emphasis on alternatives to verbal communication, including augmentative and alternative communication. 

We speak to Joanne Byrne, who has worked as a speech language therapist for two decades.

3:10 Scott Carney - how to beat stress

Ice cold baths, burning hot saunas, months on an all potato diet. Journalist, anthropologist and adventurer Scott Carney put himself under stress in order to learn how to tame it. He calls that space of discomfort The Wedge. He explains how he used extreme methods to give his life a reboot in his new book, The Wedge: Evolution, Consciousness, Stress, and the Key to Human Resilience.

The Wedge: Evolution, Consciousness, Stress, and the Key to Human Resilience

The Wedge: Evolution, Consciousness, Stress, and the Key to Human Resilience Photo: Book Cover


3:45 The Panel with Jo McCarroll and Ian Taylor