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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 5 June 2020

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1:15 First Song: Nathan Foley - She Devil

Remember growing up (or perhaps your children did) with the kids TV show Hi-5? Original group member Nathan Foley has today released his single She Devil. He joins the show live from Australia today for First Song to tell us what he's been up to since his Hi-5 days and to talk about the inspiration for his track. The music video will be released on Sunday.

Nathan Foley

Nathan Foley Photo: Supplied

1:17 Auckland Libraries helping with the job hunt 

As unemployment rates rise in the wake of Covid19 people who haven't had to look for a job in quite a while are finding themselves having to put a CV together, Auckland Libraries are deploying a wide array of resources to try and help people seeking work. Auckland libraries Reading Engagement Specialist Alison Fitzpatrick joins Karyn to explain their approach. 

Auckland city public library

Auckland city public library Photo: Google Maps

1:27 Third Culture Minds with Guled Mire 

Community advocate and Muslim African New Zealander Guled Mire is relieved that conversations are happening about a mental health crisis. But he feels that often those conversations leave out people like him, his family and friends. He's got a new three part documentary series launching today called Third Culture Minds which seeks to address that. 

Guled Mire, Wellington, March 2020

Guled Mire, Wellington, March 2020 Photo: Supplied

1:35 Wool face masks proving a hit! 

New Zealand wool company Lanaco have turned their hand to making woolen face masks which they say are a much more natural and easy breathing solution than synthetic masks. Lanaco Chief Executive Nick Davenport fills us in on how they make the masks an why the're proving so popular. 

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Photo: Lanaco

1:50 Making New Zealand Home: How to support refugees in the Canterbury region

Each week at this time we've been meeting former refugees who have resettled here and now call New Zealand home. Today we decided to look behind the scenes and talk to one of the organisations that helps settle refugees and asylum seekers into their new lives here.

Taz Mukorombindo is the CEO of the Canterbury & New Zealand Business Association and they have a couple of campaigns running to support refugees.

 Walk a mile with a refugee -  join here

Donate goods or cash to support refugees with their re-settlement or re-training here

2:10 Ali Ventura's movie picks

Ali talks a bit more about Emma and says everyone should watch it. She also reviews In Fabric and Burden.

2:20 NZ Live: Classic - Jenny Mitchell

Originally aired in 2018, this week's NZ Live classic features Jenny Mitchell - the southern songwriter who uniquely blends American, country and folk to create her own sound. Jenny is accompanied by Mike Hood on mandolin, dobro and slide guitar.

Jenny Mitchell

Jenny Mitchell Photo:

3:08 Nicola Galloway's Persimmon & Rooibos Teacake

Rooibos or Red Bush Tea pairs perfectly with the intense sweetness of persimmons says Nicola Galloway from Homegrown Kitchen. She shares her exquisite recipe for Persimmon & Rooibos Teacake.

Persimmon & Rooibos Teacake

Persimmon & Rooibos Teacake Photo: Nicola Galloway

3:16 Music 101: Charlotte Ryan

Charlotte Ryan, host of Music 101 here on RNZ each Saturday afternoon from midday talks about what's happening on the music scene over the weekend, what's coming up on her show tomorrow and because Friday is new music day - she'll pick us a track to play.

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Photo: RNZ / Claire-Eastham Farrelly

3:25 How to grow garlic

'tis the time to grow garlic says gardening guru Lynda Hallinan. She says it's so easy - anyone can do it!


garlic Photo: 123RF

3:35 Critter of the Week: North Otago Black-eyed gecko

Erica Wilkinson, DOC's Threatened Species Ambassador is here to introduce us to this week's critter - the North Otago Black-eyed gecko which she says you can't help but fall in love with.

North Otago black-eyed gecko

North Otago black-eyed gecko Photo: Carey Knox

3:45 The Panel with Golnaz Bassam-Tabar and Allan Blackman