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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 3 April 2020

1:10 Live coverage of the Ministry of Health's latest Covid Update

Today's speakers are Sarah Stuart-Black, Director of Civil Defence Emergency Management and Dr Ashley Bloomfield, Director-General of Health.

1:27 Pest and predator control on hold

The Department of Conversation has suspended its predator control operations during the lockdown, and asked people not to check any traplines on public land.

We speak to Professor James Russell from the University of Auckland.

Stoat and rat trap on the Kepler Track

Stoat and rat trap on the Kepler Track Photo: Flickr

1:35 Keeping a museum alive in lockdown 

Lots of us are getting used to doing our jobs remotely! Courtney Johnston is the new Chief Executive at Te Papa and is learning fast about the needs of a museum in lockdown.

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Photo: supplied

1:43 Top chef Martin Bosley's life in lockdown

Chef Martin Bosley has been documenting some of his lockdown experiences on Twitter, giving daily updates about life at home with his 82-year-old mother. 

We speak to Martin from his cottage in Greytown about life in isolation.

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Photo: Martin Bosley

1.50 ​Helping to make New Zealand Home for Roxie Mohebi

Each week at this time we speak with a former refugee who has resettled here and now calls New Zealand their home. A couple of weeks ago Jessie spoke with Roxie Mohebbi from Iran who gave a shout out to her former school librarian Sarah Dollimore who showed her incredible kindness and support. Jessie decided to track down Sarah and and pass on Roxie's thanks.

Roxi Mohebi

Roxi Mohebi Photo: Supplied

2:10 ​How to watch films during lockdown

Graeme Tuckett talks about which he says is a fantastic everybody needs in their life right now. It'll tell you where to watch any movie or TV show you can think of, if it's legally available in Aotearoa. He also reviews The Invisible Man, Frozen 2, Bloodshot which are available online now.

2:20 NZ Live Classic: Avantdale Bowling Club 

We're making the most of the Covid lockdown here on RNZ Afternoons by taking the opportunity to play some of our classic NZ Live's. Today we're featuring Tom Scott's Avantdale Bowling Club's live session from August 2018.

Tom Scott/Avantdale Bowling Club playing Meow

Tom Scott/Avantdale Bowling Club playing Meow Photo: RNZ/Kirsten Johnstone

2:30 Happy to be home - Nicholas Pointon 

Many New Zealanders are still trying to get home from all over the world, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to find seats on planes.

About two weeks ago we spoke to former RNZ producer Nicholas Pointon who was trying to get home from London.

Today we speak to him from Auckland.

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3:20 Julie Biuso's Pot Roasted Chicken with Mustard & Bay

Julie's daughter Ilaria sent her a picture of a dish she was making for dinner last night - it was a pot roasted chicken  in an old orange le crueset casserole dish she'd given her many years ago - it made her feel nostalgic for family times. So she's decided to share her hearty Pot Roasted Chicken with Mustard & Bay recipe today.

More of Julies recipes can be found on Shared Kitchen

Pot Roast Chook with Mustard & Bay 4

Pot Roast Chook with Mustard & Bay 4 Photo: Julie Biuso \ Shared Kitchen


3:35 We announce the winner of the Lego Critter competition

Jesse and Nicola Toki from DoC announce the winners of our Brick a Critter Competition!

Our friends at the Kiwi Conservation Club have a cool collection too. 

3:40 Critter of the Week the small willowherb Epilobium angustum

This week’s critter is the small willowherb, Epilobium angustum. A beautiful Naturally Uncommon plant that has love heart-shaped petals and small copper-coloured leaves. Doc's Nicola Toki says they grow in the amazing habitat of ephemeral wetlands – in areas shaped by glaciers, controlled by water and home to many other threatened plant species.

3:45 The Panel with Verity Johnson and Stephen Jacobi