3 Apr 2020

Top chef Martin Bosley's life in lockdown

From Afternoons, 1:44 pm on 3 April 2020

Chef Martin Bosley is isolating with his 23-year-old daughter, 82-year-old mother, a labrador and two rabbits in a 55m2 cottage in Greytown.

He's been tweeting daily updates about life in lockdown.

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Photo: Martin Bosley

In Greytown, it's been raining heavily since the lockdown began, so Martin's bubble has been doing a lot of crosswords and scrabble and watching Netflix, he says.

Martin's in charge of the food.

After a couple of glasses of sauvignon blanc, his mother makes her feelings well known, which so far include her distaste for Jamie Oliver and her disapproval of Martin spending too much time outside on the phone.

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