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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 19 March 2020


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1:17 Financial impact of Covid19 around the world 

The world could be going into months or years of lock down which will have a serious impact on international and domestic economies. 

Newsroom Pro Managing Editor and financial journalist Bernard Hickey joins Jesse to look at where we are now, and what the signs are for where we may be going next. 

Trading on Wall Street was halted immediately after the opening bell, as stocks posted steep losses following emergency moves by the Federal Reserve to try to avert a recession due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo: AFP

1:27 The impact of Covid19 on the NZ film industry 

Brendon Durey

Brendon Durey Photo: IMDB

The film and TV production industry is facing major disruption in New Zealand at the moment. 

It follows a period of huge growth in the business and a lot of people working in it are self employed or contractors. 

To discuss the impact and look at what can be done to lessen it I’m joined by the President of  the Screen Industry Guild Aotearoa New Zealand Brendon Durey.

1:34 Show jumper Lily Tootill on crossing Europe 

For many New Zealanders the crisis in Europe can feel like a long way away. But for Olympic show jumping hopeful Lily Tootill it’s a daily reality. She’s left her training base in northern Spain with other people, and horses, trying to make it to the UK. She says the roads are empty and the lack of checking at borders feels surreal. 

EU, UK, Borders, Passport and European Union signs and inscription in London Stansted STN airport in England, UK on 23 August 2019 a few months before the Brexit. (Photo by Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto)

Photo: Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto

1:40 Great album: James Taylor's Greatest Hits 


2:10 Music Picks - Waveney Russ

Wayveney tells us about a couple of Tracks he's been listening to -  Born Confused by Porridge Radio and Nada by Christine and the Queens

2:25 True Crime: The Trade Hall Bombing

In one of the most famous unsolved mysteries in New Zealand history, just over 35 years ago, a caretaker in a Wellington building bent over to pick up a suitcase that had been left behind earlier in the day. It contained the equivalent of three sticks of gelignite in explosive power which was set off by an unusual switch device inside the suitcase. Sixty-four year old Ernie Abbott was killed instantly and police have never laid charges for his death on the 27th of March, 1984 at the Trades Hall in Vivian Street, Wellington. Secretary of the Wellington Trades Council, Graeme Clark remembers that day and the confusion that followed.

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3:15 Solving the World's Problems with Niki Bezzant

This week on solving the world's problems food writer and editor Niki Bezzant wants to talk about how new tech can dangerous when combined with old ideas about diet and body image.

Social media can be great. But there are also some potentially harmful messages we're getting from it, especially Instagram and Youtube, that can really impact young women in particular in terms of body image and extreme dieting.

Niki Bezzant

Niki Bezzant Photo: Supplied

3:25 How has New Zealand coped with major disruptions in the past?

NZ's social, political, cultural and economic life is currently being severely disrupted by the Covid-19 situation. But how have we coped with major national disruptions in the past? What have been the most disruptive events in our history? Dr Grant Morris from Victoria University looks at events that have had dramatic and transformational effects on NZ in the short, medium and long terms.  

For people who lost their jobs and had few savings the early years of the 1930s were tough. Here a group of men queue with their enamel mugs for some hot soup.

For people who lost their jobs and had few savings the early years of the 1930s were tough. Here a group of men queue with their enamel mugs for some hot soup. Photo: Alexander Turnbull Library, Evening Post Collection (PAColl-0614) Reference: EP-8645-1/2-F

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day 

4:05 The Panel with Penny Ashton and Stephen Franks

Music played in this show


Title: (Don't Fear) The Reaper

Artist: Blue Oyster Cult

Time: 1309

Title: Anchor Me

Artist: The Mutton Birds

Time: 1410


Title: I Am the Walrus

Artist: The Beatles

Time: 1507


Great Album (James Taylor):
Title: Carolina on My Mind

Artist: James Taylor

Time: 1347


Title: Fire and Rain

Artist: James Taylor

Time: 1351


Title: You've Got a Friend

Artist: James Taylor

Time: 1355


Music Critic (Waveney Russ):
Title: Born Confused

Artist: Porridge Radio

Time: 1420

Title: Nada

Artist: Christine and the Queens

Time: 1427