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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 6 December 2019


1:10 First song


1:17 Class Act: Cliff Curtis' new show to air on weekend

A new TV show launching tomorrow follows the journey of four local schools who supercharge their school productions with a little help from local entertainment heroes, including Keisha Castle-Hughes, Temuera Morrison and Jennifer Ward Lealand.

The show, which is called Class Act, is the brainchild of actor Cliff Curtis.

Cliff Curtis

Cliff Curtis Photo: Supplied.

1:25 Armchair commentators reach sports fans around globe with Spalk

An Auckland-born company is allowing arm-chair commentators to broadcast to fans around the globe - meaning sports fans can access a wider variety of commentators - with different styles, languages and backgrounds. Co-founded Ben Reynolds moved to New York city six months ago to expand the business, and they are opening a London office in 2020.

Ben Reynolds (2nd L) with other SPALK founders

Ben Reynolds (2nd L) with other SPALK founders Photo: supplied

1.30 The need for a "third place"

The need for somewhere other than work and home to go to has been highlighted in a recent column by Metro editor, Henry Oliver. He's advocating that more people have a "third place" to go to for not just eating but meeting up with people, a place which isn't judgemental that accommodating and casual. 

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Photo: pixabay

1:35 Central Hawke's Bay's crochet Christmas tree

Waipukurau Arts and Crafts Incorporated has spent most of the year creating a five-metre Christmas tree made up of nearly 1,000 crocheted granny squares. Lesleigh Ashley from the group explains the inspiration, hard work and fun that's gone into make the colossal crochet creation.

1:50 Making New Zealand Home: Yobithan Rajaratnam

Each week at this time we bring you stories from New Zealanders who were forced to leave their homelands and have resettled here. Today we are speaking to Yobithan Rajaratnam from Sri Lanka.

Yobithan Rajaratam with Jesse

Yobithan Rajaratam with Jesse Photo: RNZ


2:10 Tony Stamp's film picks this week

Tony reviews The Irishman, The Beach Bum and I Lost my Body.

2:20 NZ Live: The Teskey Brothers ​

While this slot is normally reserved for kiwi bands, our guests this week are Australian - but if the Australians can claim Crowded House we think we should be able to claim The Teskey Brothers. They're in for NZ Live ahead of their two shows at The Powerhouse in Auckland this weekend

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Photo: Nick McKinlay

3:00 After Afternoons podcast

Behind the Scenes of Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan and Ali Ventura.

3:10  Lauraine Jacobs - tips for tasty holiday meals

Summer's here, holidays are fast approaching and Christmas is just around the corner - food columnist for the NZ Listener Lauraine Jacobs is in to share her tips for preparing celebratory meals ahead for a true kiwi Christmas and  her delicious Spicy Salmon with yogurt, dill and cucumber.

Spicy Salmon with yogurt, dill and cucumber by Lauraine Jacobs

Spicy Salmon with yogurt, dill and cucumber by Lauraine Jacobs Photo: Liz Clarkson Photography 2019.

Cover art for BEACHWARE's 'Take Away The Tree'

Cover art for BEACHWARE's 'Take Away The Tree' Photo: Supplied

3:20 We premiere the Winning RNZ original Christmas song

The winners of Jesse's Christmas song competition, Auckland alt-pop group BEACHWARE have just released their song 'Take Away the Tree'.

Band members James McDonald and Josh Nicholas join Jesse Mulligan and Charlotte Ryan from Music 101 in studio to tell us about the song.

The video will be live here at 3 and it will also be on our  RNZ Christmas Spotify playlist along with some of the original kiwi Christmas songs that made the finals of our competition. 

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Photo: Supplied

3:30 Critter of the Week: Shining cuckoo

Shining cuckoo: Suggested by fan Barbara Zerzouri as they’re all around Wellington at the moment and there’s a great waiata by Maori composer Hirini Melbourne about the bird.

The shining cuckoo is a ‘brood parasite’ – it puts its eggs in the grey warbler’s nest and gets them to bring up their children. When it hatches in the warbler’s nest, the chick pushes the warbler eggs/chicks out because nature.

Shining Cuckoo

Shining Cuckoo Photo: Left: Shining Cuckoo resting by McBeth K CC BY-SA; Right: Shining Cuckoo by Aviceda CC BY-SA

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Sue Bradford and Chris Finlayson