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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 9 December 2019

I Hate Christmas by Lindon Puffin

Lindon Puffin I hate Christmas Photo: Supplied/Lindon Puffin

1:10 Lindon Puffin performs I Hate Christmas live

On Friday on the show we premiered the winning Christmas song, Take Away the tree by Beachware.

You can hear that and many other original kiwi christmas songs on our Spotify Playlist. We're adding fresh songs every week from the finalists of our Write an Original Christmas Song competition.

This afternoon we are very happy to present another of the finalists - Lyttleton based musician Lindon Puffin. He joins the show from our Christchurch studio to perform his song, I Hate Christmas (But I Love Christmas). And he's bringing along some special gusts - members of the Lyttleton School Choir!

Lyttleton Primary School (Whakaraupo) Choir who perform with Lindon Puffin on his Christmas song

Lyttleton School choir who perform the backing vocals for Lindon Puffin's Christmas song. Photo: Supplied/Lindon Puffin


1:17 Immigrant families have frank conversations in new podcast

A new podcast called Conversations with My Immigrant Parents sees immigrant families have conversations that they normally wouldn't. 

Co-hosts and producers Saraid de Silva and Julie Zhu travelled around Aotearoa to meet families from 11 different countries, sitting in on frank conversations about love, loss, expectations, and what home means to them.

 Creators of Conversations with my Immigrant Parents podcast, Saraid de Silva and Julie Zhu.

Creators of Conversations with my Immigrant Parents podcast, Saraid de Silva and Julie Zhu. Photo: Supplied

1.27 One Percent Collective changing the way we give

Helping out other people makes us feel good - but with so many worthy causes out there, it can be difficult to know where to donate your money to have the most impact. 

The One Percent Collective is looking to change the way we donate. The Kiwi-based charity is encouraging people to give 1% of their income to a variety of local causes, who use that money to change lives. Founder Pat Shepherd tell us how it works.


1.34 Mikee Carpinter introduces the Great New Zealand Album


1:45 Great NZ Album: Autozamm - Drama Queen   


2:10 The worst Christmas movie on Netflix

Christmas Break-In has got to be the worst Christmas movie on Netflix according to today's TV reviewer Caitlin Cherry and she says that The Crown has to be watched alongside Wikipedia if you're younger than 45. Caitlin also looks at whether or not Succession is a comedy.

2:20 The campaign to get 'Inferior' in NZ secondary schools

Wellington-based physicist and author Laurie Winkless is on a mission to get a copy of Angela Saini's 2017 book Inferior in  to every secondary school in New Zealand. She talks to Jesse about why it's so important, and if you want to help you can chip in here.

Inferior book cover

Inferior book cover Photo: Supplied

2:30 Kauri at risk of extinction

The mighty Kauri tree is under threat right now due to the die back disease. Millions of years ago the strong, tall and canopy-heavy trees were in abundance, but now faces possible extinction. Scientist and historian Joanna Orwin tells us what the future holds for our native giant.

Kauri trees

Kauri trees Photo: RNZ/Dan Cook

3:10 Protecting our hearing - earplugs now or hearing aid later!

Wear earplugs now or hearing aids later. That's the choice we face in our noisy world. Even small appliances like hair dryers and food processors can generate noise that leads to permanent damage. New Yorker staff writer David Owen sounds the alarm about a growing health problem and what we can do to protect our hearing  in his book, Volume Control: Hearing in a Deafening World.

"Volume Control: Hearing in a Deafening World"

"Volume Control: Hearing in a Deafening World" Photo: Supplied

3:35 Voices

Coming up on Voices; we feature an intimate conversation between a Filipino mother and her son about Catholicism, queerness and unconditional love. 

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Nadine Higgins and David Slack