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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 18 November 2019

1:10 First song: Sneaky Bones

Lauded US folk artist Sneaky Bones is in town. His talent as a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is renowned world-wide and he's back for another epic tour to showcase his new record Strangers I've Already Met. 

Mathew Bones is his birth name and he's in our Christchurch studio to talk about his latest project, current tour of the country and to treat us to a number for First Song. Album and tour information is here.

Sneaky Bones

Sneaky Bones Photo: Supplied

1:15 Air NZ cancels flights during Christmas period

Some international flights over the Christmas period have been cancelled by Air New Zealand today because of engine issues. 

Most of the flights are between Christchurch and Perth, Auckland and Sydney and some between Auckland and Tonga - affecting around 14,000 passengers. 

Aviation commentator Peter Clark explains what the issue is and why it hadn't been caught earlier.

Air New Zealand plane.

Air New Zealand plane. Photo: Supplied / Air NZ

1:25 Nelson family winemakers Seifried take out the top Sauvignon award

Sauvignon Blanc reigns supreme in Marlborough - but not this year - the Seifried Family Winemakers won the New Zealand Wine of the Year “Champion Sauvignon Blanc” award, with their 2019 Nelson Sauvignon Blanc at the New Zealand Wine awards held in Blenheim over the weekend. Chris Seifried, one of the family winemakers talks about what it felt like to scoop the award on Marlborough turf.

Seifried Family-: Anna, Chris, Heidi, Agnes, Hermann

Seifried Family-: Anna, Chris, Heidi, Agnes, Hermann Photo: NZ Winegrowers

1.34  Bryan Staff introduces today's Great New Zealand Album - AK79

AK 79 is a compilation of punk bands in the 70's. The album was compiled by Bryan Staff, with artwork from Terence Hogan, and was released by Ripper Records in December 1979.

AK79 Red Vinyl on White

AK79 Red Vinyl on White Photo: Supplied: Simon Grigg / Flying Nun Records

1:45 Great New Zealand Album: AK79

To celebrate 40 years of AK79 a special anniversary edition is being released by Flying Nun records.  

Suburban Reps

Suburban Reps Photo: Supplied: Simon Grigg / Flying Nun Records

2:10 Television Critic: Linda Burgess

Linda reviews The Crown and Moving Out with Kanoa.

2:20 Kiwi conservation told through the stories of three birds

They're our national bird but they aren't faring too well out in the wild. Kiwi are numbers are in rapid decline and require the help of teams across New Zealand to survive. 

Author Janet Hunt decided the best way to showcase this conservation work was to write about three specific birds - Latitude, Raratoka and Piwi - and their stories in a new book, Three Kiwi Tales. She tells us about their rescue and recovery journey. 

Janet Hunt and Kiwi

Janet Hunt and Kiwi Photo: Supplied / Massey University Press


2:30 The craft of translation

Henry Liu's been the translator for every Prime Minister in New Zealand since Sir Geoffrey Palmer and joins the show today to talk about the intricacies of the job. He looks at the difference between translation and interpretation and gives some pointers and what it takes to become a successful translator and interpreter!

Translator and interpreter Henry Liu

Translator and interpreter Henry Liu Photo: NZ Society of Interpreters and Translators

3:10 What history reveals about our cultural identity

Who we as New Zealanders isn't just shaped by our history, it is revealed by it. Award winning author Mandy Hager looks at four pivotal, sometimes painful events in our past to see what they reveal about our cultural identity. The Suffrage movement, Pacific Island immigration and the Dawn Raids, the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior and the 1981 Springbok Tour protests, all changed us in some way. Hager's new book is called Hindsight: Pivotal Moments in New Zealand's History. 

Anti Springbok tour protesters in Hamilton, 1981. Photo by Phil Reid.

Anti Springbok tour protesters in Hamilton, 1981. Photo by Phil Reid. Photo: National Library

3:35 Voices: Polish Children of Pahiatua

Coming up on Voices -  we rewind the clock back 75 years and hear personal accounts of the Polish migration in the 1940s.

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Lizzie Marvelly and Jock Anderson