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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 17 September 2019

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Nicola Toki and Jesse Mulligan with some of the Knit a Critter entries

Nicola Toki and Jesse Mulligan with some of the Knit a Critter entries Photo: RNZ

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1:10 First song


1:17 Speaking up about end of life problematic products

Waste minimisation and environmental groups are encouraging the public to have their say on Government guidelines for specified environmentally problematic products at the end of life. The Ministry for the Environment Product Stewardship Consultation Document deadline is fast approaching and Hannah Blumhardt from The Rubbish Trip explains how to put submissions in.

Old car tyres. (File)

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1:27 An aspirin a day could keep cardiovascular disease away

Auckland University researchers have looked into whether the benefits taking aspirin outweighs any risks. The study looked at over 245 thousand people to come to their conclusions. The benefits of taking a daily dose of aspirin has been hotly debated internationally with many studies coming to conflicting conclusions. Vanessa Selak wrote the report which will be in the next issue of Annals of Internal Medicine. She explains what they found in their study. 

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1:35 Global Week of Climate Action 

Looking ahead to Global Week of Climate action we're doing a series of interviews with people who are dealing first hand with the affects of climate change on our environment. Today we speak to Julia Kasper, Te Papa's lead curator of Invertebrates about what's happening to insects because of climate change.

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1:50 Solutions to online hate and offline consequences

The University of Canterbury held a workshop on the six month anniversary of the mosque shootings to explore ways of stopping online hate manifesting into offline violence. Dr Jeremy Moses was part of the academics assembled alongside journalists, a Facebook representative and other experts to look for solutions. He explains to Wallace what was discussed and what's next.

Experts from UC and beyond gathered to share research and ideas at the Christchurch Solutions 19 workshop on the weekend.

Experts from UC and beyond gathered to share research and ideas at the Christchurch Solutions 19 workshop on the weekend. Photo: supplied

2:10 Book Critic: Tracy Farr

Novelist and short story writer Tracy Farr talks about NZ novels that have been adapted for stage, screen, or radio


2:20 Glen Moffatt - The Timeline of Country Music In New Zealand Part 2​

Last week on our Tuesday Music Feature we talked with musician and journalist Glen Moffatt about the first part of his Audioculture timeline of New Zealand's country music scene. He played some of the earliest examples of country music recorded in New Zealand and we listened to some of the notable stories and songs right up to around 1980.

He joins us again today to talk through the second part of his timeline - which was also published on last week. This takes us from around 1981 to almost the present day and features some familiar names like Brendan Dugan and the Topp Twins, Tami Neilson also and even our interviewee himself, Glen Moffat. 

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3:10 Liquid - life-giver and life-taker

There's a reason you can't take more than 100 mils of any type of liquid on a commercial flight. Few substances in one single category can kill you, save your life or transform into a perfect cup of tea. Mark Miodownik is a British materials scientist, engineer, and writer who reveals the secret lives of fluids that are all around us. His book is called Liquid Rules: The Delightful and Dangerous Substances that Flow Through Our Lives. 

Mark Midow

Mark Midow Photo: Supplied

3:30 Spoken Feature - Elemental

RNZ's Elemental podcast is celebrating one hundred and fifty years of the periodic table of elements. Science producer Alison Ballance and chemistry professor Allan Blackman look today at Holium

The obscure element holmium finds uses in precise surgical lasers that have been described as the Swiss Army knife of lasers.

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Kathryn Burnett and Rodney Hide