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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 12 September 2019

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1:10 First song: Abby Christo: Body Language

Kiwi singer songwriter Abby Christo is proud of her latest work - it's deeply personal and reflects on the breakup of a relationship and she wishes she'd picked up on the warning signs of the demise much earlier. Body Language is Abby's new single, released today - and Abby is in to perform live for First Song.

1:17 Auckland GP's waiting for measles vaccines

The ministry of health has sent 3000 measles vaccines to Auckland to address the shortages being experienced as practices struggle to cope with the increased demand. Dr Jacqueline Allan at Tiakina Te Ora in Papakura has turned patients away and has not had any more sent to her.

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Photo: AFP

1:27 Gillian's Rotunda Quest

When Gillian Henderwood turned 50 she decided to fulfill a long held desire to perform at 50 band rotundas around New Zealand. She's already managed to get to 20 of them. Gillian's in the Wellington studio to explain her passion for rotundas and her quest.

Gillian's Rotunda Quest

Gillian's Rotunda Quest Photo: supplied

1:34 Young people care about politics, but don't trust politicians

Sylvia Nissen has challenged the notion that young people don't care about politics in her latest book, Student Political Action in New Zealand. She explains what her five years of research across eight campuses revealed about youth engagement in politics.

Sylvia Nissen: "For some students living in bigger cities, their loan barely covers their week-to-week expenses."

Sylvia Nissen: "For some students living in bigger cities, their loan barely covers their week-to-week expenses." Photo: Supplied

1:40 Great album:   Florence + The Machine - Lungs 10th Anniversary Edition on burgundy vinyl

2:10 Music Critic: Simon Sweetman

Simon Sweetman talks about the recasting of Chrissie Hynde. A punk turning to jazz. and the sad news of Daniel Johnston's sudden death.

2:25 NZ Biography: Rita Angus

For the first time ever, the solo work of a New Zealand artist is to be exhibited at London's Royal Academy of Arts.

Seventy works by the modernist painter Rita Angus have been chosen for the exhibition - she's our biography subject for today and her biographer is Jill Trevelyan

3:10 Link 3

3:15 Solving the World's Problems

Continuing our series - Solving the World's Problems - an article written by a prominent New Zealand freshwater ecologist and a journalist has gotten them off side with the rural community -  farmer and farming commentator, Steve Wyn Harris explains why.

3:25 The history of New Zealand's deserts

We don't think of NZ as a desert nation but we do have some deserts that form part of our human and natural history.  To what extent have deserts influenced New Zealand's development?

Dr Grant Morris, from Victoria University is off to Arizona tomorrow and ahead of his trip he's been thinking about deserts, especially the role they can have in shaping history.

3:35 Spoken Feature: Eyewitness

In Eyewitness today; when the government started cracking down on Pasifika overstayers, a group of young people began pushing back. Here's Jamie Tahana with the story of the Polynesian Panthers. 

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Michele A'Court and Mike Rehu