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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 9 August 2019

Knit a Critter

Knit a native NZ critter for our Knit a Critter competition. All items are donated to the Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre, via the Red Cross.

Your knitting or crocheted item can be shaped like the critter or knitted critter image on an item of clothing like a beanie or another creative idea you come up with. It's up to you!

For any wearable items, do please use pure wool.

You can find all the details here

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Photo: RNZ

1:10 First song: Na Noise - Debut Single Then Who

We hear it here first on RNZ - Auckland based duo Na Noise aka Harriet Ellis and Yolanda Fagan have released their first single Then Who TODAY. They're joined by Chris Varnham on keyboard in to share their fuzz-pop doo-wop sound for First Song.

Na Noise - RNZ First Song

Na Noise - RNZ First Song Photo: Credit: Andre Upston

1:17 Could the OCR drop into negatives? And how would that affect me?

Earlier this week the Reserve Bank dropped the official cash rate by 50 basis points to one percent, citing slowing GDP growth over the past year and declining international trade.

But what does this actually MEAN? And how will it affect people's savings, home loans, and credit card debt? And what happens if the OCR drops into negatives?

Economist Oliver Hartwich is the executive director of the New Zealand Initiative think-tank and joins us to chat about this.


1:27 Using children's books to teach farm safety

South Canterbury local Harriet Bremner lost her long-term partner suddenly in a tragic farming accident in 2017.

So Harriet, who's also a children's author, decided she wanted to teach kids about how to stay safe when they're out and about on the farm.

Harriet's on the line to chat about farming 101, and why it's important to hammer safety messages home from a young age. Harriet's website is here

Be Safe, Be Seen, by Harriet Bremner

Be Safe, Be Seen, by Harriet Bremner Photo: Supplied/Harriet Bremner

1:35 How NOT to train your dog

Celebrity dog trainer Cesar Millane is a proponent of "dominance theory" - the idea that in order to train your dog you must assert yourself as the pack leader, and intimidate or physically punish your dog to repress unwanted behaviour.

But New Zealand's Association of Pet Dog Trainers says this is a dangerous and harmful way of looking at dog training, and send the absolute wrong message to dog owners.

The group's president Mark Weaver joins Jesse to explain why dominance theory has been thoroughly debunked, and to offer some tips of his own in dog training.

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Photo: Pixabay

1:40 Potatoes for mobility scooters: rotary club's unusual fundraising

Sometimes, people find themselves in a position where they NEED something but can't afford to pay for it ..

Something like a new computer. Some money to keep a school breakfast programme going. Or a new mobility scooter.

That's where the Belfast Kaiapoi Rotary club steps in: every year, they run an unusual fundraising campaign to help out a person, or group, in Christchurch.

The club's president is Peter Prattley and he joins us to explain more.


Potatoes Photo: Wikicommons

1:45 RNZ's Christmas song competition revisited!

The Christmas Song competition is done and dusted, but we thought it was a shame there were so many good entries that didn't get played in full.

So we're revisiting some of the highlights in our Great Album slot this Friday.

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Photo: RNZ

2:10 Film Review

Film critic Ali Ventura reviews NZIFF movies Come to Daddy, High Life and Midsommar

2:20 NZ Live Steph Casey - On The Seats In My Car

The golden-voiced Steph Casey from Kapiti Coast is in the studio with her full band to play her latest album, mixed and produced by Lee Prebble from The Surgery Studio.

Reviewers are describing On The Seats In My Car as an album of beauty with gorgeous arrangement and tone, flowing with golden melodious vocals and heart-warming lyrics.

Here's the single At A Bar Downtown.

It follows her debut album from 2013, Whisper And Holler, which went straight to number four in the NZIM Album Charts.

Steph Casey

Steph Casey Photo: Steph Casey

3:10 Michael Easton - Very Good Dumplings

Delicious and different! Michael Easton from Very Good Dumplings drops by our Auckland studio with his Kumara, sauerkraut and mushroom pierogi for us to try. He says making dumplings can be labour intensive but using pre-made dumpling wrappers speeds up the process! If you have time however, it can be very rewarding to make your own pastry. The recipe for Kumara, sauerkraut and mushroom pierogi and the pastry is here.

Kumara, sauerkraut and mushroom pierogi

Kumara, sauerkraut and mushroom pierogi Photo: Supplied \ Michael Easton

3:20 Charlotte Ryan Music 101 Host & Content Producer 

Charlotte joins Jesse for a new weekly feature to discuss what's happening in the music scene this weekend and what she's been listening to this week.

3:30 Critter of the Week Frosted phoenix, Titanomis sisyrota

Nicola Toki, Doc's Threatened Species Ambassador tells us about the Frosted Phoenix, - dubbed New Zealand's most enigmatic moth.

Extremely rare, only ten specimens have ever been found - the last one in 1959! 

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Michele A'Court and Garry Moore